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Two suicides, a murder and love of home & family are the root causes of hauntings here.



The outside of this large two story Victorian Mansion has been restored to its former glory because it is owned by conscientious people who have kept the nine apartment units up to snuff.

The apartments that exist in this huge Victorian Mansion are beautifully done, and offer a range of prices in the rental cost. They come with all the modern conveniences like an updated kitchen, dishwasher and practical to nice bathroom.

The two apartments on the first floor still have all the artistic details added by the original owner. The one that was showcased on a realtor’s UTUBE Channel  has its historical features restored to their glory, including hardwood floors, decorative fireplaces and a crystal chandelier.

It has a lovely access to the back patio with a glorious view of the park area. It is large with two bedrooms, a dining area and the parlor. The central Victorian staircase that led to the second floor is no more; either removed or covered-up.

Most of the apartments on the second floor are plainer, smaller but very practical. There are outside staircases built after World War Two that led to the second floor hallway to these smaller, less decorative apartments. Some still have fireplaces, many have one bedroom, a small kitchen, a small dining area and living room.

The exception is the biggest apartment with more living space on the second floor that has the perk of having access to the open verandah to sit out on and enjoy the view. It is also a little bit bigger than the rest of the apartments on the second floor. It too has a fireplace, a modern kitchen, and a nice bathroom with a claw foot tub.

There is a very plain but practical studio apartment in the basement area. It is small and concise, with all the needed areas to live there on a smaller scale than the upstairs apartments but probably very reasonably priced.

Coin-op laundry is located in basement + storage. Tenant pays his or her own utilities.


clifton-paranormalDutch families were the principal founders of old Cincinnati. This large Victorian mansion was built in 1850, as a private dwelling probably by a well-to-do rich merchant by the name of Clifton for his family. Thirty years later, a tragedy stuck this family. In 1880, a distraught son in this family committed suicide in the house. When his family left because of their grief, the house was put on the real estate market and remained vacant for years. No one wanted to buy a mansion where someone killed himself.

It eventually became a commercial property. It was laid out perfectly for a boarding school. The common areas downstairs were elegant and fancy, while the bedrooms upstairs were plainer and perfect for students to stay. It became Ealy School, a school for girls, in 1900. Death struck again making it not a place to have a school.

After World War 2, this Victorian mansion was subdivided into nine apartments, as were many big mansions due to the cost of maintaining these structures and because there was a severe lack of housing after World War 2.

Whomever owned this mansion, did their best to keep the units maintained and made improvements along the way to keep these apartments appealing, as the location of this mansion is in a prime location. It is near U.C., Zoo and hospitals. It was an easy walk to Ludlow for shopping. They have always been competitive units in the rental market.  This beautiful structure’s value is reflected in its last sale price back in 1997, for $300,000.

Apparently all the tenants have been living with several restless, unhappy spirits who also find these apartments attractive. While these apartments have a lot of perks, they also have spectral residents to share the space with, though these spirits are benign, and just restless.



People in emotional pain who kill themselves to escape their emotional turmoil, find out that death doesn’t bring peace. Sometimes they feel compelled to relive their death.

Whaley House, CA (The young adult daughter, Violet Whaley was in great emotional pain when her new husband deserted her; only marrying to dodge the law.  Despite her family’s loving support, she shot herself in the shed and died in the parlor).

Hotel Adolphus Hotel, TX (A bride who was stood up at her own wedding hung herself from the stairs).

Hemingway House, FL (Ernest Hemingway killed himself in 1961. His spirit has found peace in his Key West House, doing what he loved to do; writing).

Clifton House Apartments, OH (A young man and a school girl both hung themselves here. One of them relives his or her death).

Spirits of murder victims are often restless, angry or upset that their lives were taken from them, and/or want to continue in their lives in this world, not ready to go to the other side.

Lumber Baron Inn Bed and Breakfast, CO (Two young adult women were brutally murdered here when this structure was a low-rent boarding house, before the neighborhood was given a face-lift during an urban renewal effort).

Kahler Grand, MN (Helen Vorhees, heiress of the Brach candy-making family loved this hotel. When she was brutally murdered by the mob, her spirit has returned here, looking for some peace and justice).

Old Faithful Inn, WY (A murdered, mournful bride still walks around trying to enjoy the inn. Her murderer was her husband who did the deed when they were on their honeymoon here).

Clifton House Apartments, OH (A young school girl who was a daughter of a doctor, was murdered here probably on the stairway).

People who had to leave their forever home because of grief or circumstances beyond their control, sometimes like to come back and reside or visit. If they lost a child or loved one here, and the spirits of the lost ones are still there, that is another reason to visit!

Hartford Twain House Museum, CT (Mr. and Mrs. Mark Twain moved out and sold their forever home because their daughter died here. Now the whole Family resides here).

Waverly House, VA (Its original owner, Benjamin Green was falsely accused of embezzling money at the bank where he worked. Though no money was found at his home, his reputation was shattered and he had to leave his beloved home and start over somewhere else).

The Old Allen House, AR (When the adult daughter suffered yet another broken relationship, she killed herself here. Her spirit has company though. The spirit of her son stays with her, and the spirits of her parents visit often).

Clifton House Apartments, OH (The family, supposedly the Cliftons, may come and visit their son as well as enjoy being in their home, even with all the changes. Members of both of the girls families may come to visit them as well).



Paranormal activity here has been fairly benign, playful and sometimes startling but never threatening. They are well mannered spirits with personal issues that they are trying to work out but are willing to share share the apartments with the people who pay rent here.

I’m Still Here

At one time the Stenton family occupied one of the apartments in the mansion.

Soon after the Stentons moved in, odd incidents began occurring, telling them that they were sharing the building with unseen presences.

Phantom footsteps were heard walking in the hall, but no one was there.

Repeat of Suicide

Two weeks after they moved in — at precisely 2:10 A.M. — they heard a heavy thump of something hitting the floor above them.

The incident repeated itself, always at 2:10 A.M.

They discovered that the young man had killed himself in the room above their apartment.

More than One Spirit?

Perhaps there are spirits who are family members of the sprits staying here and they like to visit their children.

Other tenants have had supernatural experiences that suggest more than three spirits are here at times.

Disembodied voices have been heard  in the halls on the second floor of the structure, and perhaps in the first floor apartments.

As the spirits here died in different eras, they may not be able to see each other, meaning that they are talking to some other spirits, perhaps their family members.

Startling Activity

The sounds of phantom objects hitting the floor are some of the startling auditory activity that have been reported; spooking some residents who witnessed this happening in their apartments.

One of the tenant’s dogs refused to go into rooms where spirit presences were manifesting, baying in alarm!

Phantom footsteps that followed them around were sort of creepy, but probably just meant to express playfulness and to let the living know that they had spectral company.


Tenants and property managers have experienced the paranormal activity listed above in the Manifestations section. Some tenants may have moved out, or just gotten used to their spectral roommates that don’t bother them too much but still are working on getting some peace so they can let go of this world.

There have been no public disclosures about any paranormal investigations that may have been done here; scientific or psychic. Individual tenants may have asked for some help during the years but nothing has been shared on-line. Tenants may have to sign a paper saying that they won’t share what has happened in their space here.



Perhaps so, but we don’t know for sure, because there have been no recent reports of paranormal activity.

Unless these three spirits have gotten professional help from a medium or shaman, they are probably still stuck here in their restlessness, not able to let go of this world because of what they did to themselves, or what someone did to the murdered girl. Suicide does not get rid of painful feelings and may produce guilt or fear of what will happen to them if they do go to the spirit realm.

As long as they stay in this structure, spirits of their family members probably come to visit them.

Because these spirits are polite and courteous spirits, the owners of the building can rent these nine apartments to people who don’t mind benign spectral residents.



3517 Cornell Place
Cincinnati, OH 45220

An 1850 Victorian mansion, now known as the Cornell Place Apartments, Stenton House is in an old-money area of Cincinnati. Modeling itself after the city of Rome, Old Cincinnati was built on seven hills.

These are private apartments. Tours are not given.

Photography is not encouraged. The privacy of the occupants, corporeal and spiritual, should be respected.



Individual apartments:

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