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Spirits are still vacationing here for free!

Mischievous spirit children play and have fun!



The Inn at Cape May is described as being a “Laid-back hotel with ocean views.”

Their website give a more detailed description. “Relax on our porch rockers beneath our signature purple awnings. Take a carriage ride. Enjoy fine dining. It’s all here, as it has been for over 100 years at America’s premier seashore resort.”

The 1894 Victorian-style, five storied Inn of Cape May is the commanding presence on a very large property lot on the corner of Beach Street and Ocean street. Walking into the Inn’s lobby and common rooms is very much like stepping back in time with glorious Victorian decor and furniture, chandeliers and a huge fireplace. Their antique elevator that is run by a staff member even has a chandelier!

Standard rooms to suites all are nicely furnished with historic charm as well; not with cheap, modern furniture but lovely antiques, wicker furniture; perhaps reproductions of what was there in 1894/ turn of the century. Despite being 110 years old, this historic hotel has the basic modern amenities: WiFi, cable TV, in-room bathrooms, and air conditioning. Some people come expecting a boutique hotel with all the bells and whistles and are aghast at having to take the small antique elevator up to their floor; not willing to go up the staircases.

The Inn of Cape May is known as “a grand, gracious retreat in its own unique, Victorian Village,” including gorgeous beaches and sparkling ocean. The common large wrap around porch with a purple awning attracts guests with a yearning to relax in the lovely porch rockers. Guests can enjoy this wrap around porch area on the first floor or a great rooftop porch on the second and third floors. Guests can swim in the hotel pool or cross the street to swim in the ocean. Guests can take a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy fine dining in the Inn’s on-sight restaurant, Aleathea’s. A free breakfast is offered at Aleathea’s. Guests are given a 200 dollar gift card to be used at Althea’s, the gift shop or other activities sponsored by the Inn of Cape May.

Tom and I plan to stay here on our next East Coast road trip! Can’t wait!! We adore historical Inns and Hotels!




Location, Location, Location! In 1894, builders/contractors William H. AND C.S. Church picked this delightful spot to build the original sixty room, upscale Victorian boarding house for vacationing people of all ages who came to have a great time at the beachfront. Cape May had become a favorite vacation resort for “Philadelphians escaping the dreadfully hot, pestilent summers.”

Church called his new vacation grand 4 storied, Victorian boarding house with a French Roof, THE COLONIAL. The rooms faced the ocean. The first floor had roomy porch-spacewthat offered an unobstructed view had plenty of room for wicker chairs for relaxing. THE COLONIAL was heated all year round with steam heat. The place was lighted by Gas lights and an electric ball system.

THE COLONIAL was so popular that a Southern Wing was added in 1905. After expanding its capacity, THE COLONIAL took in One hundred thirty-five guests at the height of the summer season. William Church enjoyed running his beloved Colonial himself for many years. He enjoyed providing a great place for people to vacation and relax, offering great hospitality.

Throughout the eras, because of their location, the staff’s and owners’ fine hospitality, and the human need to have a relaxing time away from life’s stresses, The COLONIAL survived the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s’, 1960s’. At some point, it was renamed The Inn of Cape May and a fifth floor was added as well. It was never allowed to fall into much disrepair as it was a well-loved establishment supported by guests who loved to vacation here in this fabulous location, so near the beach and downtown.

On December 29th, 1970, the Historic Cape May area of 380 acres with over 600 buildings in the resort town of Cape May, Cape May County, New Jersey were added to the National Register of Historic Districts, which provided loans for building owners to maintain their buildings. The Inn of Cape May must of taken advantage of this opportunity and spruced itself up inside and outside in the maintenance area as well as their modernization and historic decor efforts, perhaps even putting in the swimming pool.

This Inn’s strong bones withstood Hurricane Sandy that blew into Cape May on October 12th 2012, which must of pleased not only the current owners and guests who loved this place, but also the spirits of William and C.S. Church, as well as past spectral owners and guests.




Children who die from disease or accidents like to stay in this world as spirits in hotels they were vacationing with their parents. While their parents went to a hotel party, two vacationing children slipped away from their nanny one night and drowned in the ocean.

People who build their labor of love structure in this world, often like to visit or even try to help when needed. Perhaps past owners like to keep an eye on developments.

Past Guests now in spirit-form still like to check into or reside in their favorite structures in this world.




Spirits of little boy and a little girl, who calls herself Annie –

Like to stay in Room 88 and 92.

Their unseen presences move around the rooms at night like they would have when alive. Probably talk loudly, forgetting to whisper as to not wake up guests.

They enjoy playing in the hall as well, sometimes talking loud like children do.

For chuckles, they enjoy knocking on doors of not only Room 88 and Room 92 but all the rooms on their floor.

Staff have reported that when there are no live children staying in the Inn at Cape May, adults have come down to the main desk to complain of children playing in the hall, knocking on their doors. Imagine their surprise when told of the mischievous spirit children.

Spirits of former guests, former owners still find delight in this lovely, historic hotel.

Apparently, they have the best of manners, and don’t intrude on living guests’ holiday time.

Guests and staff perhaps feel moving cold spots, perhaps lights going on and off by themselves, have feelings of not being alone but in the company of friendly, unseen presences.


Yes Indeed! The Inn of Cape May enjoys a thriving tourist business, apparently spirits of former guests and possibly owners also love to visit and perhaps even stay.

The vacationing spirits include two spirit children who drowned in the sea who interact with guests as living children would do.




THE INN at CAPE MAY can be found at the end of Ocean Street , cross street Beach Ave. across from the Atlantic Ocean. It is three miles from the Cape May Lighthouse and a sixteen-minute walk from the Cape May Historic District.


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