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This location has up to 8 resident ghosts and a spectral greeter!




Historic Landmark Hotel Macomber is described as being a family run, five storied, large framed hotel, with 36 rooms and suites on the top three stories, each with its own veranda with an ocean view.

There is no elevator, so guests are advised to pack light!

Quaint shops, services and coffee shop, serving breakfast and lunch daily.

Union Park Restaurant, offers a breakfast shop (open May through October), bike rental shop and the hotel gift shop: Designs by Mermaids.




Spirits who are connected to the land, can move inside a structure and also stay outside the structure. This Hotel has a spectral greeter! Spirits who enjoyed their employment at a commercial place, sometimes like to continue on serving in their occupation as they can in spirit form. Sometimes they had died before they were ready to pass.

Spirit of a waitress /housekeeper apparently is still on the job. She had choked to death on a chicken bone, dying suddenly in a preventable way. Spirits who enjoyed vacationing at a favorite hotel or Inn, sometimes continue to do so.

A female spirit called Miss “Trunk Lady” by the staff and current owners still comes about four times each summer;staying from Thursday to Thursday.

Spirit of Former Owner, Sarah Davis – There are two reasons why she is still here in this bed and breakfast. People who kill themselves sometimes find no relief from their pain from depression on the other side.

A former owner of the Hotel Macomber, Sarah Davis who built the hotel, then called New Stockton Villa shot herself in the 1930s’ in her hotel, after making an announcement that the Inn is open for business. Her young daughter Cannell died of encephalitis that was caught from a mosquito bite in the 1920s; a death she never recovered from. People who put a lot of effort establishing and growing a business, sometimes can’t let go of it when they die; sticking around to help the living owners.Besides Sarah, another couple who were owners also can’t seem to leave either.

An unexpected end of a life, a devastating illness, an accident, a murder, a betrayal in this life can cause a restless, resentful, angry spirit.

There is a grumpy male spirit in the basement who is probably annoyed that he died, and resents interruptions from the living as he tries to finish a project.. In Rooms 41 and 45, not so friendly activity has increased here. Beds have been shaken and rocked – perhaps by this grumpy spirit, or perhaps former spectral guests who wan their room back. Spirit of Sarah’s Daughter, Cannell; (and some other spectral playmates) – there are two reasons why Cannell is still here as well. Children who die from accidents, illness or natural causes sometimes like to stay in structures of this world that they felt loved and comfortable.

Both Cannell and her playmates felt love and acceptance here. Sometimes spirits of family members will stay with a troubled spirit who can’t let go of this world. Cannell stays to keep her mom company. Her playmates also stay to be with Cannell.



The spirit of the friendly farmer

Guests checking in this hotel often see a see-through man dressed as a farmer smiling at them in a friendly greeting.


The Spirit of “the hardworking waitress” and possible laundress

Described as wearing a dress from an earlier era.

This spirit is seen working in the kitchen and dining room.

Unexplained noises are often heard when no one living person could be making them.

Silverware and probably glassware are moved around. Table cloths are taken off the table.

When the Chef is alone in the kitchen, his knives are moved around by this spirit.

She may also have had the duty of washing the laundry. In the middle of the night, the laundry room doors open and shut by themselves.

The spirit of the lady patron known as “The Trunk Lady.”

Her real name was Miss Wright.

Every summer, this female spirit can be seen dragging her trunk through the foyer, to her favorite Room 10.

She likes to move the furniture she sees in her reality, that makes noise.

Guests and staff feel unexplained cold spots.

This female spirit doesn’t like to share her room with the living guests…

She makes them uncomfortable by consistently watching.

She loudly bangs on the room door. Slams the bathroom door.

Dresser drawers open and shut by themselves.

Lights turn on and off by themselves.

Her voice has been caught on recordings, with clear EVPs.

The Spirit of a Former Owner, Sarah Davis

Helps the current owners as a supportive entity.

The spirit of Sarah Davis still keeps an eye on her hotel that she built and put so much love and effort into its success.

She has been seen by the living coming down the stairs, and standing at the check-in desk.

When they attempt to talk to her, the lights flicker.


Another Spectral Couple

Probably Former owners because Room 10 where EVPS have been caught is on the first floor.

Disembodied voices that range from normal talking to in heated discussions that include shouting between a man and a woman are heard coming from the hallway, while more calm voices come from Room 10.


Spirits of Children

Sarah Davis’s daughter, Cannell and other spectral children.

Sounds of children playing, laughing and running in the hallway have been heard.

They perhaps also play on the stairs and first floor.


Grumpy Male Spirit in the Basement (Rooms 41 and 45)

He is continuously in a bad mood, and resents the living coming down to his space; the basement.

He has been known to growl in annoyance. Room 41 and 45.

An annoyed presence or two try to awake the living guests, not too happy about the living having preference to these rooms.

Beds have been shaken and rocked – perhaps by this grumpy spirit, or perhaps former spectral guests who want their room back.


Yes Indeed! For a variety of reasons, spirits still love this structure and find comfort and purpose by staying here. Owners, staff members and visitors have all had many experiences with the spirits who still love this hotel. Medium/ paranormal investigator, Chris Mc Mannus has caught some EVPS here, as well as seeing the spirits and perhaps even communicating with them. Another investigator, Al Rauber, who started the Haunted Cape May Tour 8 years ago caught an EVP of marbles being dropped and a child’s voice saying, “These are mine!”


Hotel Macomber
727 Beach Ave,
Cape May, NJ 08204

Hotel Macomber is a family-run, historic hotel that has been newly restored and renovated. It is located on a prime spot, on the corner of Beach Ave. and Howard St., which is right across the street from the beach.



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