Old Washoe Club

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Members are still enjoying the space!

Prostitution here has brought pain, death and suicide.

A murder in the basement has caused another haunting.

The young didn’t escape their environment.



Tom and I walked into this grand old bar, and it is a real blast from the past; historic, a little funky, in need of some TLC and full of another era’s ambiance! As we walked through the door, one notices the long, dark wood bar, over 100 years old, the grand tin 12 ft. ceiling, and the fancy wood-carved ceiling trim. The front of this large, three story building the bar is on the right, and funky tables to sit at on the left. The wall has many historic photos that are interesting to study.


There is an area for the country western bands who play on the weekends Moving to the back, there is another entry way to the pool room. To the right of this entry way is the infamous spiral staircase which stops at the ceiling. It used to go up to the second and third floors, but not longer does, as the upper floors are being renovated, and eventually will be safe for people to visit at some point.

Most of the rooms on the second and third floors are in ruins now, though there are signs of renovation work being done. These floors were once a place for party central, with a ballroom, gaming rooms, and quite a few rooms for their in-house prostitutes to stay full time, while working at being a perk pleasure for the club’s members. One wonders if they were paid anything, or were just working for room and board. One can see the state of the second and third floors by watching the August 2008 investigation video of the Spooky Places group’s adventures on their web page.

The Old Washoe Club in Virginia City in Virginia City needs your help. Not only do the owners have lots of work to do to restore the second and third floors, but also must bring the structure up to earthquake standards. Send your donation to help retrofit this wonderful building and save it:
112 South C Street,
Virginia City, Nevada 89440
(775) 847-7210



The 3 storied Washoe Club was originally built in the 1870s to be a high-class bar/club for the rich, called the Millionaire’s Club, that became a meeting place for Virginia’s City’s elite, well-to-do; where they could mingle with their own kind, enjoy their status as achievers, participating in all the vises and perks of wealth and not have to associate with the low-brow common man. It was created in the spirit of the exclusive men’s clubs found in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. While the first floor was the saloon, etc., the upper two floors had fancy suites, a pool room, poker room and areas for other recreational activities frowned on by society at large.

As it was in some other “men only” clubs (like The Pink Palace in Louisville), the club employed and kept their own soiled doves who serviced some of the rich club members on the upper floors. The spiral staircase was the original entry to the pleasures offered upstairs, a discreet entrance to the “sexual service” areas.

As the mining profits declined over the years, there were less well-to-do, and for economic reasons, it eventually opened its doors to everyone, bringing this upscale club into the world of the every day citizen. However, entities from its heyday still call the building their special place to stay!



There are three or four known entities who haunt the Washoe Club, and perhaps others who are not known yet.

Murder victims or those who have died violently or painfully sometimes can’t let go of this life, because they can’t get over what happened to them, and don’t accept their violent or painful end, wanting to continue to exist in this world.

A young girl was killed by a predator in the basement. Perhaps other children, who may have resulted in their mothers’ line of work also died here from disease or abuse.

Being a prostitute has historically been a very risky occupation. A young, blonde prostitute, (named Lena by the living), was murdered in one of the third floor rooms during the 1870s.

Killers who do the deed out of emotional pain, sometimes have remorse after ending someone’s life, and in-turn kill themselves.

The man who killed the prostitute on the third floor, took his own life on the second.



Spirit of Female

The apparition of a blonde woman, named Lena in life, has appeared on the spiral staircase.

She suffered the fate experienced by many prostitutes; being killed by a jealous client or boyfriend.

Perhaps she is trying to forget her murder experience and has gone back to work; perhaps still servicing spectral customers.

Pictures of Lena have been caught on the spiral staircase.

Spirit of Very Young Child or Other Young Spirits

An apparition of a very young girl has also been seen standing on the spiral staircase.

People have reported being touched by a curious child or children while standing on the spiral staircase.

Teen Murder Victim

She feels free to choose a special place for herself and has explored all over the building.

Her full apparition has been seen in a second floor bedroom; a place of peace and solitude.

She is perhaps trying to forget the horror of her death, so she can let go of this horrid experience.

Possessive Spirits

EVPs’ suggest that spirits who once had exclusive access to this building, still are possessive of their space where they experienced sensual pleasures that they so enjoyed during their time.

They may still be enjoying spectral sex offered by a spectral sex worker.

When staff or others go to second and third floor, the aura feels like they are intruding on unseen presences.

It’s hard to give up privileges you had while alive!

Remorseful Spirit of Client

This spirit is restless and resents intrusions by the living, perhaps trying to find some peace in solitude.

He especially dislikes mediums and paranormal investigators who can reveal that he is still here.

Perhaps he is worried about being cast out and sent to the spirit world; afraid of what may happen to him there.

He has communicated his feelings on EVP’s as well.


Many EVPs were captured at the Washoe Club on this Dead Time Paranormal sponsored investigation. Some of these EVPs suggest that entities who once had exclusive access to this building, still are possessive of their space and pleasures so enjoyed during their time.

Lena, the female entity:

Shasta Supernatural Investigators have captured on film some pictures of a female entity, thought to be Lena.

A team from Spooky Places conducted an investigation in August 2008, and caught some great photos and some interesting video. In the mirror under the spiral steps, a ghostly face was caught in a picture.


Yes indeed! Besides lots of personal experiences reported by staff and patrons over the years, paranormal investigators have gathered hard evidence that backs up the experiences of so many people.

Some spirits found here have been traumatized by their horrifying ends, or unexpected deaths. These troubled souls stay here trying to find peace to cure their restlessness, or remember the good times to try to balance it all out.

Other spirits also make their home here as well, and perhaps resent paranormal investigators who can reveal their existence here. The man who killed himself is possibly one of the entities who was recorded.

Other spirits choose to stay where they had such a great time as privileged members of a social club! It is hard to give up the privileges they had while alive! The living are not invited!



112 S C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 847-7210

The Washoe Club is located in the heart of old downtown Virginia City. C Street (Highway 341) is between Washington Street and Taylor Street, though The Washoe Club is closer to the corner of Taylor Street and C Street.


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