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This exclusive housing development was built on a Civil War Battlefield – uh oh!

Spirits of Civl War Soldiers casually take strolls through these homes.

One fun-loving spirit decided to stay!




This development was described as being an exclusive subdivision of houses, built on beautiful rolling hills and among wooded areas.



The Kolb Creek Farm was the sight of a Civil War skirmish where soldiers died, near Kennesaw Mountain June 22, 1864, known as The Battle of Kolb’s Farm. Estimated casualties: 1350 (Union: 350, Confederates 1,000) It happened around the time of the major battle at Kennesaw Mountain, when General Sherman and his troops tried to defeat Confederate General Joe Johnson’s troops who had dug in around the mountain. Johnson’s troops held their position, costing the union troops the loss of several thousand lives. The original farm house has been preserved as an historic place.

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When structures are built on Civil War battle sites, spirits attached to the land can move into them.

Homes were built on this Civil War Battlefield, as well as being located on Kolb Creek Farm farmland. Mr. and Mrs. Tatum fell in love with the area in 1986, and had a 2 story, contemporary home built in this development for their retirement years. It has an attic, with pull- down stairs. On the second floor, the Tatum’s bedroom had its own bathroom, and there was a hall bathroom as well.



Residents of these houses have reported having apparitions of Civil War soldiers walking through their homes. One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Tatum, not only had one walking through their house, but the ghost decided to move in with them, after taking a liking to one of their guest rooms. Then, he started to amuse himself by teasing them both, in mischievous, creative ways.

The Tatum House — Located just down the road from the original farm house.

After a year of living in their house, an apparition decided to move in with them. One night, both the Mr. and Mrs. got up to use the bathroom. Mr. Tatum went into the bedroom bathroom, while Mrs. Tatum went to the hallway bathroom.

Suddenly she saw a shadowy solid figure of a man silently walk by her open bathroom door. He had a hat on and was wearing a long overcoat, worn by soldiers of the Civil War. He was swinging his arm, like he had a destination in mind, and went down the dark stairs, disappearing suddenly from sight. She thought that her husband had gone downstairs, but was surprised to find him back in bed!

About a month later, Mrs. T was reading on her bed after dinner. During that day, Mr. T was using an electric drill in his project to fasten a board to the hallway floor, so the pull-down stairs would not gouge the floor.

Suddenly, she heard someone playing with the drill, turning it on and off. When she could no longer stand it, she ran out in the hallway, to find no one there, and the drill was cold to her touch.

Another evening, she was upstairs watching a television program. She started to hear a popping sound, like static electricity coming from the middle of the room.

She walked around the room, trying to find its source. She then found the popping noise following her around the room, coming closer and closer, backing her into a corner, and finally coming right up to her face. She quickly ducked down and ran downstairs to find her husband. Mr. T came up to investigate, but found nothing.

While putting her casserole in the microwave, she felt two tugs on her blouse.

he turned around and no one was there. Her husband was puttering around outside.

Mrs. T often feels a cold spot in the upstairs hallway, and in one of the upstairs guest rooms.

In this guest room, she feels uncomfortable, like she was in someone’s private room. In a sense, she is as the ghost had moved in as their guest!

The couple had a little angel bell in a guest bedroom, which Mrs. T was to ring when she needed her husband for something, because the family room is so far away.

Their ghostly guest started to ring the bell. Mr. T would come up the stairs, and the ringing would stop when he got to the top. His wife hadn’t been the one ringing it. When he started back down the stairs, it started ringing again.

The couple decided to try to outsmart the ghost and came up with a pre-planned signal; if Mrs. T would ring it only 3 times, then Mr. T would know that it was her. It didn’t work. The bell rang 3 times, and once again Mr. T was fooled. In exasperation, he announced that he wouldn’t be answering any more bells. The bell stopped ringing.

After having no incidents for 4 months, the teasing started up again. Mrs. T was reading in bed late at night. She started to hear the change coins that Mr. T kept in a wooden bowl on top of his dresser, methodically being dropped one by one into the wooden bowl. She ran down the stairs to find her husband, who once again came up to the bedroom and found nothing going on.

It was at this point, that Mrs. T began to understand that this teasing by their resident ghost guest was happening when either of them were busy with something else, and not thinking about what ghostly occurrence is going to happen next.

The next incident, she tried her theory out. One evening, just after she had turned out the light, and turned over in bed to go to sleep, she heard the tray on the bedside stand behind her, start to be moved around, and the glass of water on it being lifted, up and down.

When she didn’t turn over and look, the Tums were dropped one at a time onto the tray. When she finally looked over at the tray, it all stopped.



The Tatums have learned to live with their mischievous ghost, who likes to get their attention. It is generally not a good idea to build houses on old battlefields, as ghosts are more often than naught still haunting the place where they died. Nearly every battlefield in the United States has its own ghostly inhabitants, young men who weren’t ready to die and have hung around, sometimes willing to engage the living.

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This housing development was built on what was part of the Kolb Creek Farm, which is just outside of Marietta, Georgia.

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