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A depressed soul did a rash act, but didn’t find peace.



The Stone’s Throw Entertainment Center is located in one of the most stunningly beautiful buildings in Eau Claire, with beautiful stained glass windows, lovely woodwork, having an aura of another era.

This turn of the century, three story, basement & attic stone and brick building houses an upscale bar, a restaurant, a stage for a variety of musical venues, a mezzanine and offices.

The inside of this handsome place has some lovely wood and wood-trimmed accents. They claim that they are Western Wisconsin’s best in-house PA system, which is probably true, seeing the number and variety of musical groups who perform here, not to mention the music festivals who schedule their events here.

It is true that “The Stones Throw welcomes seasoned acts as well as newer, up-and-coming bands of all musical genres,” who play original music, providing the public some fine music for a reasonable price.




This building is one of the oldest standing structures in the city of Eau Claire. Owners throughout the years have taken good care of the building, never letting it fall into disrepair.

It has been some kind of a bar and eatery with entertainment for most of its existence, starting out as a blues and jazz club in the early 1900s, playing original music. This historically popular waterhole offered original entertainment, great food and a choice of alcoholic beverages, all at an affordable price.

The Stones Throw Club was started in 1985 by Frank Stone, who decided to build on the live music tradition started so long ago, booking local bands and musicians.

In 2001, Steve Anderson broadened the live music choices with the goal of bringing to the people of the Chippewa Valley a piece of the twin cities’ music scene, so people wouldn’t have to travel an hour and a half to hear great, original music. He probably invested in improving the sound system. He built the variety of musical groups, making The Stone’s Throw a place with a large selection of music genres, thanks to not only local bands and musicians but from groups outside this region.


The story is that some depressed soul killed himself in this building by hanging himself sometime during the early part of the 1900s.



This still unhappy entity finds some solace in the bar located in the basement. All employees past and present give eye-witness accounts of paranormal occurrences.

General Activity

Foot steps are heard in the hallways of the old kitchen in the basement.

This entity has been known to throw beer bottles across the bar, or break them.

Objects are borrowed and disappear or wind up in odd places.

Doors open and shut without help from the living or the wind.

Real Appearances

This entity has appeared as a fully solid apparition.

When the bar was empty of the living at closing time, the bartender one evening asked everyone to leave, as a joke, perhaps thinking of the entity which was supposed to haunt the place. He suddenly saw a solid apparition of a man, appear sitting at a table. This entity stood up, shook out his coat and walked toward the exit, melting into thin air, scaring the heck out of the bartender.


Yes indeed!

The number of witness accounts point to some entity, while unhappy in life, finds some solace hanging around the bar and listening to the music.



The Stone’s Throw Entertainment Center
304 Eau Claire Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

The Stone’s Throw is located in Eau Claire, on the corner of Eau Claire Street and Barstow Street in down town Eau Claire.

It is tricky to get to, because of the one way streets, so use a detailed map or a web site like



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