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The restless spirit of a murder victim
shares its violent demise through paranormal activity.



The Hotel Meade is an upscale, 5 story Atrium Hotel with a basement, which offers amenities which please both the business clients and visitors looking for a fine place to stay. After undergoing a $14 million renovation and addition, Hotel Mead describes itself as having “157 indulgent guest rooms and suites, providing every conceivable comfort. Two fine restaurants and Manhattan inspired lounge, a large indoor pool, sauna, game room and invigorating fitness facility.”

The Hotel Mead also has a brand new 200 square foot garden gazebo, and 14,000 square feet of meeting, banquet and reception space.

The basement is used for storage of wines and other liquors, as it is the coldest room in the hotel; not only because it is below ground, but also because of the entity who haunts the room.

Hotel Mead in the 1950s



In 1953, the basement known as the Shanghai Room, was used as a bar and gambling room. It is said that a female bartender was stabbed to death, which hasn’t been confirmed. It is probable though that someone, an employee of the hotel was killed here, as the room was haunted with paranormal activity suggesting a murder happened here.

An Awful Aroma

The living can smell the distinct odor of spilled blood, when standing 20 feet away from the room.

Playing With Electricity

The lights have been known to flicker in a spooky manner.

Pronounced Cold Spots

The room is always very cold in temperature, though there is no explainable reason why it should be so chilly.

Auditory Signs of Anger

Doors slam shut by themselves.


It depends on whom one talks to.

The management will not acknowledge that the basement is haunted and has forbidden their employees to talk about the paranormal activities they have experienced. However, some employees have talked off the record, describing their experiences with some investigators, despite the rule not to do so. It is hard to keep a paranormal experience to oneself.



451 East Grand Avenue
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494

43 miles from Central Wisconsin Airport, The Hotel Mead is found in a quiet residential area, near the city center, not far from the Wisconsin River.




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Shanghai Room in the Hotel Mead, Wisconsin Rapids

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