Smith House

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The spirit of Mary Fielding Smith isn’t a happy
camper, because of the incompetent living!



The Smith House is at the Old Deseret Village.

Old Deseret is a village of old, historic Mormon homes that can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the Pioneer State Trail Park, on 2601 Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108. This historical display is open to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Like Williamsburg, Virginia, Old Deseret Village is like a living historical museum, where park employees dress up in the style of the age, demonstrate the way the people lived, and give tours of the old homes.

All the homes are the original structures, except two, which are replicas of the original homes.

Many park guides have reported numerous para-psychological phenomena throughout Old Deseret, which clearly indicates that unseen entities still are hanging around there, on friendly terms with the living, with the exception of one.



It seems that her house, in its old location, originally faced toward the town, but when they moved her house up from the town to the the park location, the movers by mistake set up her house turned around in the wrong direction!

The Incompetent Dolts

It seems that the ghost of Mary Fielding Smith isn’t a happy camper, appearing to be very annoyed by the incompetent living!

Many have seen her apparition, standing in the doorway of her house, shaking her finger angrily at anyone passing by.


According to the volunteer guides, yes it is.



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