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#1: Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, OH

The Dent School House was formerly an actual school house in Cincinnati, OH and has been converted to one of the most unique haunted attractions in the country. You will truly feel like you are reliving the dark history of the school as you wander through its halls. VISIT


#2: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride – Los Angeles, CA

With an all-new theme, Midnight Falls, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride has become a Southern California Halloween tradition. Featuring elaborate Hollywood style sets and effects, the haunt transports you into new levels of fear. VISIT


#3: Netherworld – Atlanta, GA

Netherworld Haunted House, now located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, upgrades its scares every Halloween season. Known as one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia, Netherworld is sure to provide an unforgettable experience to all visitors due to its extremely realistic scares. VISIT


#4: Fear Farm – Phoenix, AZ

Fear Farm is a legendary Halloween tradition in Phoenix that features several haunted houses and a haunted corn maze. Its infamous clowns, Tremmors and Flinch, are some of the most terrifying and recognizable characters in the haunt industry. Fear Farm is also bringing back the Haunted Cronmaze for its 10th anniversary season. VISIT


#5: 13th Floor – Phoenix, AZ Denver, CO Jacksonville, FL
Chicago, IL Columbus, OH Houston, TX San Antonio, TX

The 13th Floor Haunted House has locations in 7 cities across the U.S. – Phoenix, Denver, Jacksonville, Chicago, Columbus, San Antonio, and now Houston. Created by nationally recognized and award-winning haunted house designers, the 13th Floor will transport you to new levels of horror with new and terrifying attractions unlike any other. VISIT


City of the Dead & Asylum – Denver, CO

Two of Denver’s favorite haunted houses have come together to become the city’s most terrifying nightmare. Home to the living dead and deranged patients who live in twisted realities, City of the Dead & The Asylum is a bone-chilling experience you won’t forget. VISIT


#7: Nashville Nightmare – Nashville, TN

Nashville Nightmare is Tennessee’s most terrifying haunted house, and it is absolutely massive. In 2019, it is offering four new attractions in its 50,000 square foot location. VISIT


#8: House of Torment – Austin, TX

House of Torment – located in Austin, TX – is often recognized as one of the best haunted houses and all-around Halloween traditions in the country. House of Torment is an intense, graphic, theatrical show that will take you on a gut-wrenching ride of visceral thrills and psychological horror. VISIT


#9: Bennet’s Curse – Baltimore, MD

Bennett’s Curse Haunted Attraction in Baltimore, Maryland is becoming renowned in the haunt world. It is located in a 40,000 square foot facility and it is offering 4 all-new attractions as well as a bonus haunted house for its 2019 season. VISIT


#10: Erebus – Pontiac, MI

Erebus Haunted Attraction is run by Ed and Jim Terebus, some of the most experienced guys in the haunt industry. From 2005 to 2009, Erebus held the Guiness World Record for being the longest walk-through haunted attraction. The haunt leads its victims through four stories of unique and terrifying paths with fear so intense you may have nightmares for years. VISIT


#11: Bates Motel – Philadelphia, PA

In this 2019 season The Bates Motel offers one of the best haunted hayrides in the country. The hayride has been featured on Travel Channel, USA Today and other national publications! VISIT


#12: Terror on the Fox – Green Bay, WI

Terror on the Fox is a Halloween tradition for Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have been operating for over 20 years! This haunt features brand new attractions and a ride on the Terror Train for the 2019 season. VISIT


#13: Edge of Hell – Kansas City, MO

Edge of Hell celebrated its 45th season in 2019 with frightening updates. Perched at 666’ above sea level, visitors go through the depths of Hell in this multi-story haunted house. VISIT

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