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When alone in the building, the living feel uncomfortable…



Besides having an on-site brewery, which gives the place a nice aroma, The Market Street Brewery & Public House has two rooms for its patrons to sit and enjoy the experience. One is characterized as the dark wood room and the second room is called the sunroom, with a view of the river. There is an easy going, pub-like atmosphere which offers a place to relax and enjoy.

Tom and I ate dinner here and sat at the long wooden bar, when we visited Nashville, enjoying the dark wood decorum. Menu includes, “A mixture of traditional English pub fare, such as fish-and-chips and shepherd’s pie,” along with standard American dishes and of course “southern specialties.” Food was pretty good. We had steak and ribs, while we enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, which is not really suited for kids, but perfect place to kick back with a beer or liquid refreshment like iced tea!



The building itself dates back to the early days of Nashville. Over the years, various establishments have occupied the building. A factory, a distillery and other beer and food taverns have made their home on this comfortable street in the downtown section.




An unknown entity still enjoys hanging out here, and basically behaves itself when the place is open for business. It says hello in little ways, letting the living know of its existence, and has a weakness for playing with electrical devices!

General Activity

Chairs have been seen moving across the dining room floor by themselves.

Lights swing back and forth on their own power, when no wind or draft is present.

The entity gets its chuckles by turning the lights off and then turning them back on, when commanded to do so by the staff.

Foreboding at Night

After hours, this entity is a stronger presence.

When alone in the building, the living feel uncomfortable, unsettled, sensing that they are not alone, and sometimes feel a presence keeping them company.


Yes indeed.

For some reason, this entity can’t let go of this world, and loves to hang out here, a place where it enjoyed being when alive. It is probably an old customer of the present establishment or a patron or owner of an earlier tavern who enjoyed being there when alive. It could also be someone who was involved in one of the businesses which had occupied this building throughout the years.



134 Second Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

The Market Street Brewery & Public House can be found on Second Avenue North, near where Second Avenue North changes into Second Avenue South.

This building is between the main streets of Church and Broadway, near the corner of Commerce Street, which runs between 8th Avenue South and Second Avenue North. It is across the street from a dinner theatre, in downtown Nashville.


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Our Photos are copyrighted by Tom Carr

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