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“Next time, check with me before you do any renovations!”

“If I like you, we will co-habitat nicely together.”

“I wish the war would end so we can come out of hiding.”



The Inn at Lincoln Square is a three story, brick Colonial style building that has stood since 1825, making it one of four of the oldest structures in the plaza. The original hard wood floors are found everywhere, being of sturdy quality, meant to last forever.

As the inn and townhouses in the back were once the property of the Danner family, all are named after the women of the Danners.

The inn itself has three suites. The first-floor suite, the second-floor suite and the attic suite have king beds, kitchens and bathrooms. The inn is run like an inn Air B and B. If you need help, you can call the innkeeper.

The first floor has the Mary Juliet Suite, originally the parlor and dining room. The parlor makes a nice sitting room, with replica furniture, an oriental rug, and the original fire place. The kitchenette is hidden in the bedroom area.

On the second floor, The Irene Danner suite takes up the entire floor. The original 1825 rooms became one suite. The kitchenette and bathroom kind of spoil the historic feeling of the suite. The bedroom is historic, with a poster bed and the original fireplace.

The third floor attic suite is the Annie Danner Suite, which is large and roomy, with some replica antique furniture, along with a kitchenette that blends well.

There is a small tree-shaded courtyard in the back that has the Eva Danner, and Sarah Danner town homes, which are connected to the inn.

While the interior has been renovated somewhat to serve the needs of the various inn owners, it still has some of its original charm. Change sometimes must happen to make an old, historic property competitive. The outside is unchanged. While it didn’t qualify for the National Register of Historic Places, it is part of the Gettysburg Historic District.



The Inn at Lincoln Square was built in 1825, probably by Joel Buchanan Danner, right in the middle of the developing town. He was full of energy, a real mover and shaker. Born in 1804 in Maryland, he spent most of his life in Gettysburg, running his hardware store and carriage building businesses.

He and his wife Mary Juliet had six children, all of whom made it to adulthood in Gettysburg. While some of them got married, they had no children.

Joel found time to be Justice of the Peace, among other positions. In 1850, he dipped his toe into politics and served as the House Representative to the Thirty-first Congress for the state of Pennsylvania, replacing Rep Henry Nes, who had died. Joel served for one year, and then went back to Gettysburg in 1851.

When the Civil War broke out, Danner helped to form an emergency militia, just in case fighting arrived on their doorstep. He also was on Gettysburg’s Central Relief Committee.

When the battle began at the end of their street, he took his young family to a safe place, probably knowing that his home would soon become a hospital for the wounded.

When he came back a few days after the battle subsided, he was most displeased to see the mayhem inside his home. Looters had a field day, and the hospital had left an awful mess to clean up.

They did get their house back together eventually, and continued their lives working and raising their children. Joel made it to a ripe old age of almost 81. His widow and children continued to live there.

The last child to own it was Irene Danner Reinwald, who by 1924 owned all of the Danner property. She had married Rev. Charles Reinwald, a Lutheran Pastor.

In her will, Irene left the Danner family home and all its contents to the National Young Women’s Christian Association(YWCA), to form a Gettysburg Chapter there.

When she died in 1925, this greatly encouraged a chapter to get started. In 1929, the YWCA moved inside, just in time to help women crushed by the Depression.

This organization proved to be a blessing to many, offering services to the community and women. By 1980, they had moved into a bigger building, and their old headquarters became The Inn at Lincoln Square.

At some point as an inn, smaller rooms became suites with kitchens and bathrooms, offering more than their rival across the street, the Gettysburg Hotel, helping the inn to keep abreast with their competition in town.

To increase their occupancy, owners at some point bought the two townhouses in the back of their patio, to offer larger groups roomy accommodations.


People who loved their homes while alive, often claim them as spirits.

Longwood, MS (The spirit of the Matriarch has claimed her bed, and helps docents remember their lines).

Monmouth Plantation, MS (The original master of the house returned with force during restoration, ready to hunt bear. When the owners won him over, he became the guardian of the bed and breakfast).

McRaven House Museum, MS (So many of the spectral former owners now reside here, it can’t be occupied by living owners. So, it was turned into a museum. They put their spirits to work, entertaining tours of curious people and paranormal investigation groups).

The Inn at Lincoln Square, PA (At least one spirit who was part of the original Danner family still claims her house, but is willing to share it with people she likes).


When the remains of the dead are temporarily stored in the basement of a building, sometimes their spirits decide to stay for a variety of reasons.

Lackawanna Station Hotel, PA (The remains of people who died away from home, both civilians and WW 2 soldiers, came into the station by rail. Their coffins were stored in the basement, until they were claimed or put on other trains headed for home. Some spirits decided to stay).

Kansas Aviation Museum, KS (Remains of the Vietnam War casualties were kept here to be distributed to the correct plane to take them home. Some of the spirits of soldiers decided to stay).

Buffalo Central Terminal, NY (During World Wars 1 and 2, many military personnel took planes and trains to get to their vessels or transports to the European or South Pacific Theatres. Some of these same men came back in coffins on board, and decided to try to leave the train station, or wait for loved ones to greet them, not wanting to give up the dream of coming home).

The Inn at Lincoln Square, PA (During the Battle of Gettysburg, the Danner House became a hospital. Patients who didn’t survive, were temporarily put in the basement morgue. Their spirits may not realize that they are dead, or think they can’t leave because they are still in service. They may think that they are hiding, waiting for the all clear).



The Spirit of a 19th Century Woman

She is dressed like an upper class woman of importance.

She displays her manners and hospitality.

She moves by traveling through the mirrors.

Still the Matriarch

She is a strong spirit, according to mediums who have encountered her.

She has claimed her home, which she willingly shares with the owners and visitors.

Her Likes and Dislikes

Through mediums, she has let the current owners know that she didn’t like the remodeling done to her house that created the three suites.

She appreciates what the current owners have accomplished, and likes them very much, as do other unknown resident spirits. She wants them to own her home.

Her Signs

She moves items to more suitable places.

She may turn on lights when she is in a room.

She may cause a cold spot, or a wind when present.

Personal Appearances:

As to not scare people, she likes to appear with her back to the living as she looks at herself in a room’s mirror, making sure her petticoat isn’t showing.

She appears as a full apparition in color.

One former owner could describe the color of her dress, etc.

The Spirit of a Male

Keeps a low profile, but is seen occasionally in the house.

He has told investigators that his name is Robert, though not much is known about him.

The Spirit of a Nurse

She has been spotted by some walking up to the second floor, wearing a white uniform.

She may be a Civil War Hospital nurse, or a nurse hired by the YWCA to help distraught people, especially during the Depression.

Spirits in the Basement

These spirits have been hiding in the basement since they died so long ago.

Perhaps one of the spirits is the commanding officer, and has ordered them to wait.

When a female paranormal investigator, Alex Matsuo came down to talk to them, two of the spirits were receptive and friendly, using their southern manners, telling her their names.

When one of them had her experience a symptom he felt while suffering from his fatal wound, she left for awhile. She came back and continued talking to them.


The owners and staff of this property have had mild experiences with the spirits in this building. Sometimes, guests have had just glimpses of the matriarch.

Mediums have been a reliable source in receiving messages from the spirits to the owners.

The owners have started letting some paranormal groups that they know come inside, and even started letting people they don’t know come and investigate. They are now taking precautions to prevent negative spirits who may tag along with investigators from getting a foothold in their building.

Not surprisingly, hard evidence has been caught, especially in the basement where the spirits are pretty bored and like company.

Investigators such as Meghan Talber’s group and Alex Matsuo’s group have recorded their investigations.

Ghost Hunt at the Inn at Lincoln Square | Recorded Live from Gettysburg! Investigation Inn at Lincoln Square Gettysburg PA with Meghan Talber



Yes Indeed! Perhaps even more spirits of the Danner clan and their friend Dr. Pete reside or visit, but are shy in revealing their presences, perhaps not wanting to scare the living. They are starting to talk to investigators through EVPs.

The house was cleansed of any negative energy that may have tagged along with some paranormal groups, so it is a welcoming place to visit, stay and even investigate, if the owners allow.



12 Lincoln Square
Gettysburg, PA 17325

The Inn at Lincoln Square is in the very heart of historic Gettysburg, sitting right on the public square, and just a short walk to the Gettysburg Battlefield National Park.



  • Photography by Tom Carr (exterior)
  • Ghost Hunt at the Inn at Lincoln Square | Recorded Live from Gettysburg! Investigation Inn at Lincoln Square Gettysburg PA with Meghan Talber
    “High Strangeness at the Inn at Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, PA”
    William Stillman
    Where To Stay In Gettysburg – The Inn At Lincoln Square
    15 April, 2022

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