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The serene and peaceful aura here seems to draws spirits of children, adults and soldiers.

All freely find ways to enjoy themselves; much to the surprise of the living.



Restland Cemetery is now part of Restland-Lincoln Memorial Park in Monroeville; a huge, 25 acre cemetery park in a very beautiful setting, located in the Pennsylvania countryside, just outside of Monroeville. It is located up on a hill and in an adjacent huge valley, with a large lake in the middle. Surrounding grass and lovely, mature trees are found among the many plate/old stone headstones, and mausoleums, some of which date back to the late 18th century, though current burials also take place here.

The structure that is used as the office building, looks like it once was a farm house. The Restland-Lincoln Memorial Park land probably was at one time someone’s large farm, or several farms. Restland-Lincoln Memorial Park probably started out as a family/community small burial ground, eventually growing into a cemetery, called Restland Cemetery. As the decades past, more land was needed, and more was added, extending space for more graves/burial plots, as well as places for ashes of loved ones.

Graves of Revolutionary soldiers, and graves of soldiers/veterans of every war since then, up to the present are found in Restland-Lincoln Memorial Park. There are two sections dedicated to veterans and those who died in the service of their country.

The park offers all modern services, including the arranging for cremation. The memorial park also has a pet cemetery. Though they seem to have had issues with getting headstones/grave markers in a timely fashion in the past, Restland-Lincoln Memorial Park is under new management that promises to deliver and satisfy their obligations to those who have been affected by this tardiness.

It seems to be a very peaceful and beautiful place to lay loved ones for their eternal sleep, and to take comfort from loss. However, not only the living have found solace here, as spirits seem to be enjoying the beautiful surroundings in visitation; or are restless and can’t retire from this world just yet, and like to stay as well.



People who suddenly die before they are ready, often are restless and need to visit their familiar, comforting place they had on earth, or sometimes in their cemetery. In other stories found on HauntedHouses.com, spirits of adults and children seem to like to visit often, or chose to stay on their family land or home.

Entities of children and adults seem to be drawn to this beautiful memorial park for their own reasons. Many young soldiers fall between the 18-25 year old range; an age where it is common thought that death will never happen to them. When they do die suddenly, they are so upset that it happened that they aren’t ready to pass on, or are drawn back to this world to a comforting place.

Some of the soldiers buried here, seem to find it very comforting in the serene, beautiful, peaceful aura of this memorial park, perhaps the perfect place to go over what had happened to them, and see other fellow soldiers from the same era.



As the living surely enjoy the peace and beauty of this lovely memorial park, so do the spirits, whose earthly remains are buried here.

A Female Entity

She was given the nickname of “Walkin’ Rosie”; is described as being a young girl. Others claim that she is a young woman. Perhaps there are two spirits most often seen: a young girl and a young woman who both enjoy the same activity:

“Walkin’ Rosie,” whoever she is, and the other female apparition apparently enjoy a stroll through this beautiful park during the evening/early morning hours, and have been seen on many occasions.

Entities of Children

The sounds of unseen children presences were heard by an investigator, playing “Ring Around the Rosie”, having a great time!

The entity of a little girl, wearing mid 19th century farm clothes has been seen during the day and evening. She likes to peek at people while standing behind a tree. She seems to be attracted to other children, and has been reported in at least one account, waving and saying, “hello!”

Entities of Revolutionary War Soldiers

Also enjoy walks around the park.

Have been physically seen, perhaps in groups talking about old times, enjoying the camaraderie they once enjoyed while alive.

Have also made contact with the living, though no specifics were shared. I suspect people may have heard voices, either disembodied or via EVPs, or felt similar sensations described below.

Entities of other soldiers from other wars

The entity of a soldier who was the first one from Monroeville to die in the Vietnam War, has been seen by various townspeople who knew him, standing with his gun, in the area of his grave, it has been reported.

The entity of a soldier who has been protective of his area in the cemetery; perhaps doing the job he did before he died. A paranormal investigator felt the nozzle of an unseen gun stick into her back when she entered a hedged area of this part of the cemetery.

Two other investigators picked up on an unfriendly atmosphere in this area, and felt they weren’t welcome, so they left.

Other investigators felt in their bodies how various spirits of soldiers might have died in both Section 1 and Section 2 of Veterans’ Graves. The entities perhaps were trying to tell them how they passed, perhaps not quite believing it themselves. (In many first contacts with unseen spirits, the first order of business is to share how they died.)

One investigator felt the pain of a sharp object penetrate his lower abdomen while standing in this hedged area of Section 2 of Veterans’ Graves (A bayonet?). The pain went away quickly when he left this area.

Another investigator felt a sharp pain in his leg, which again went away when he left the veteran section of the memorial park. Perhaps this soldier stepped on a land mine, or hit with a cannon ball, or shot with a bullet.


A “Strong Probably So!” Though hard evidence is fleeting, and the evidence that has been captured hasn’t been shared online, too many personal experiences have been reported by every day people for years, and by paranormal investigators as well, both during the day and after dark. I believe that the peace and beauty of this park not only gives comfort to the living, but also the restless spirits and other unseen visitors who are drawn to beauty and rest.

Many orbs, including red ones, have been captured on footage and still cameras. Orbs aren’t considered hard evidence, as they can easily be insects or dust or even water vapor. True orbs are thought to be by some the beginning of energy manifestation.

Many people have witnessed apparitions who enjoy the vast grounds by walking around, or sitting on the benches. They especially like to appear to loved ones or people who knew them.

An investigator, a member of Steel Town Paranormal saw “A grayish colored object hovering above the gravestones. It was described as an oblong collection of mist or some other smoke-like substance”. Unfortunately, it disappeared before getting it captured on a camera.

Investigators from another paranormal group claim to have gotten some pictures of the little girl in farm clothes hiding behind a tree. They also claim to have caught some EVPs in this huge memorial park.



Restland Cemetery in Monroeville
990 Patton Street Extension
Monroeville, PA 15146

South on 76, west on 22. Restland Cemetery/Restland-Lincoln Memorial Park can be found off the Tri Boro Expressway on Patton Street.



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