Pineapple Hill

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A spectral elderly TB victim still keeps herself busy with a specific chore.

The spectral original owner has a favorite way to welcome women to his home.

A young friendly spirt has found a special place to play.




This 1780 yellow, restored Colonial manor home sits up on a hill, part of a 6 acre property. It was the manor home of John Scott, who built the original structure, that was smaller, with perhaps only one bedroom on the second floor, and possibly two/three rooms on the attic level. John Scott’s manor home was made bigger in 1830, which is the structure we see today.

As with many historical homes, it was bought and made into a bed and breakfast. Historic homes are high maintenance, & need to be put to work, as they take a lot of TLC, and money to keep them in top form. The owners named their inn, Pineapple Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn. In the earlier eras, people would use the pineapple as a symbol of welcome to friends and neighbors, serving as an invitation to come inside. For a bed and breakfast, this is a marvelous name, as they welcome tired visitors, or people seeking some peace from everyday hassles!

Amenities offered by Pineapple Hill Bed and Breakfast include: queen or king sized beds, air conditioning (seasonally,) gas-burning fireplaces, cable TV, WIFI, and private baths. They can hold a houseful of people as Pineapple Hill has five guest rooms, three suites with their own living rooms, and the first floor Magnolia Apartment Suite, that has a full kitchen, a six foot soaking tub/shower combination, and sleeps four people. Most appealing to me is the six foot soaking tub!

There are two suites located in the attic floor. One of the suites is a two room accommodation that is located right under the eaves of the attic. It is a warm, comfortable suite, with a working fireplace in the bedroom and a “cozy” sitting room. To get there, the visitor climbs a steep circular back staircase that starts near the kitchen, that goes all the way up, connecting first and second floors and this attic space.

The friendliness, hospitality and homey feel of this bed and breakfast reflects on not only the efforts of the owners and staff, but the friendly, benign spirits that stay here as well.



Friendly, or amorous or outgoing people often are the same when in spirit form, not letting the fact that they are dead stand in the way!

People who die before they are ready, stick around in this world to work on their unfinished business and tasks; what were left undone by their departure.

Not willing to leave cherished homes behind has kept entities of all ages in this world, unable to let go in order to the other side. They wish to remember their fond memories, and still participate in some form in this world.

Many entities in stories found on, want to be noticed/not forgotten, somehow letting open individuals know how they died, through mentalistic communication, EVPs/disembodied voices, or by reliving their death in front of the living.



There are 3 known spirits who stay in this historic manor home, who like to be in the two oldest bedrooms/sitting areas from the original home, located on the second floor, and the attic space.

Female Entity of an elderly woman

She died in the two room suite located in the attic, from complications of consumption.

She spins the spinning wheel in her spirit world, located in the sitting area, second room of this suite, in the wee hours of the morning, waking up guests who stay here. thought the spinning wheel physically can’t move anymore, the sound comes through loud and clear. When asked to stop in a convincing way, she will finally stop, but it will get her behind in her work.

This elderly entity has been seen and sensed looking out the attic window.

Author and sensitive P.D. Cacek writes in her blog what she experienced in this suite. An entity shared with her in a personal way, the struggles of living with consumption.

While the suite was warm, and peaceful, P.D. Cacek was able to feel what the old woman entity felt in her last days. P.D. Cacek felt “a heaviness in my chest and a feeling of tightness in my throat. I can breathe, but not easily. My heart is pounding as if I’ve just run a mile uphill.”

When she realized that this was a communication from the elderly entity, these feelings went away, though she feels them again the next morning while talking about them with Mr. Child. Read it for yourself – great writing!!

During the early morning hours, she was awakened 3 times by the tell-tale, “rhythmic whirring sound.” She found herself frozen and couldn’t move, but felt peaceful. When she acknowledged the entity, she wasn’t awakened again.

Male Entity of John Scott

Original owner of this home

He likes to wake up women who stay in either of these original bedrooms on the second floor and the attic suite, with a lovely kiss on the cheek in the morning.

Female guests who are half-awake in the morning, will hear a man’s footsteps come up the spiral staircase to their room, and then feel a pleasant kiss on the cheek, which wakes them up completely. No one living is there of course!

He likes to keep the owners company, or perhaps is curious as to what they are doing.

One owner was working in the attic room, and heard a man come up the stairs, and thought it was her husband. She was talking away, until realizing that it wasn’t her husband who had come into the room with her, but an unseen presence.


A little 7 year old boy entity, named Stephan

This child entity likes to play in the crawl space side-closet, and the rooms as well.


Probably so!

The written experiences of so many people suggest that the elderly woman, and the friendly Mr. Scott are intelligent entities, wanting to be remembered.

The film segments with medium Cathe is convincing to those with an open mind, who appreciate the abilities and gifts of psychic-mediums.

The close up filming in the side attic of the little entity, looks like to me like a partially visible apparition, not a bug or piece of dust.

The photos of the balls of light taken with Cathe in positions that would strongly suggest that they are not bugs or dust, are convincing somewhat, though more scientific paranormal investigation groups would want to capture harder evidence, and would discount the balls of light. More investigations; both scientific and spiritual, would most likely capture more and even harder evidence, if the owners are willing to put up with the process, hopefully being careful who they let inside to investigate; people who will be respectful with these entities.

Guests and staff members, and owners have reported these personal experiences, as well as author P.D. Cacek. Diaries kept in the rooms with entities are filled with the reports of paranormal experiences of the guests who have stayed there.

Robert Child filmed in this documentary, Psychic-medium Cathe Curtis’s investigation using her gifts to find the spirits of a little boy and of John Scott. Photos were taken at the spots where Cathe was contacting them, presenting balls of energy.



1324 River Road
New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938
(215) 862-1790 * (888) 866-8404

The Pineapple Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn can be found on River Road, between Taylorsville Road and Storybook Road, in the suburbs of New Hope. River Road runs between New Hope’s center of town, and Washington Crossing Park.



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