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The living have been treated to the complete package of paranormal experiences.

The Nicky’s Pub basement is a hot bed of paranormal activity
caused by gangsters, murder, and accidental deaths!



This practical, versatile 4 story brick building was built in 1887, and opened as the Osborn Hotel. The second, 3rd and fourth floors were designed for an upscale hotel, and are spacious and roomy, making them attractive for other uses throughout the years.

Over its 118 year history, numerous businesses have operated here, as the building was sectioned off after the hotel closed, to offer more opportunities to rent office and commercial space. Throughout the years, many musical instrument shops and music schools have made parts of the building their place of business, as the acoustics were/are superb.

Urban legend tells the tale that during the 20s and 30s, a gambling and prostitution joint was one of the ventures located here, which would’ve been a low point in its history. Perhaps some gangsters owned the building during this time, if this was true. In the 1970s, The State Street Food Market moved in, providing food and other perks to the community.

In 2004, The State Street Tavern and Brewery moved into the first floor, offering a musical nightlife to its customers, making good use of a stage for live groups and DJs as well, while selling spirits, beer and food. Renovations were made to transform this space into a musical night club and bar/brewery.

In 2006, a new owner bought the business, and renamed it Nicky’s Pub, and they continued in the traditions started by State Street Tavern. Music is important here. A DJ starts playing tunes at 11 pm. on Monday and Tuesday, and at 10 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. Fridays offer live bands from 6:30 til 10:15, with a DJ closing the place, playing tunes, from 10:30 til 2 AM. The DJ starts at 9:30 on Saturday night.

Special food prices: Monday through Thursday almost everything is $1 from 10 til midnight. On Friday through Sunday, their special is $2 for everything, from 9 til 11 p.m.

Nicky’s Pub was also given a waiver to allow it to be a Cigar Bar as well, by the Department of Health.



When renovations/restorations are done on a building, the changes often stir up the spirits and residual energy that are somehow attached to the building, or something in the building, resulting in paranormal activity. Vices like prostitution have caused unintended consequences that lead to pain, death, and hauntings.

The gangster way of life, or being involved with this culture, led itself to violent death at the hands of another. Unexpected deaths in or near a building can be the cause of paranormal activity.

Sometime during the State Street Food Market occupation of the building, an employee died of natural causes in the basement. It is said that a woman by the name of Judy, who worked for one of the businesses in this building was abducted, and murdered after she left work for the day.



The living have been treated to the complete package of paranormal experiences.

Auditory Occurrences

Disembodied voices have been heard, coming from a turned off TV.

The sounds of footsteps have been heard by the living, when no one else was in the area of the footfalls.

The unseen presence of a kitty likes to follow the living in the bar, meowing all the way.

Unexplained knockings have been heard.

Visual Paranormal Occurrences

Male entity, wearing a long trench coat and a hat, has been seen, floating out of one wall crossing the East hallway, and going into another wall, on the first floor.

The back door has been known to open quickly in a startled motion, all by itself in a hurry, like someone was making a quick escape.

A mother of all walk-in cooler doors, that is thick, and very heavy has been known to slam itself shut, probably inspiring a hasty retreat up to the first floor by the person who was going into the cooler for supplies.

Felt Sensations

Employees, standing on the first floor, have felt the vibrations of “something” banging on the floor, under their feet, coming from the floor below, in the basement of the tavern.

Olfactory Occurrences

The strong aroma of sulfur whiffs down from one of the stairwells.


ErieIt is uncertain whether it is an intelligent haunt or just strong, residual energy of past events. Perhaps more investigations would clarify the hauntings with more interactive evidence, and/or personal experiences of the paranormal investigators.

The Strange Happenings Ghost And Hauntings Research Society did an investigation of this building at the request of the owners who ran the State Street Tavern. They concluded that they couldn’t say for sure whether this was an intelligent haunt, or residual energy, because none of the investigators had any personal experiences — actual contact.

Their cameras caught some interesting images, though they don’t know for sure if they are real or tricks of light,or false positives, or residual energy, etc.

They caught on film several ghostly faces of men on the walls, all wearing hats; Two pictures were taken in the east hallway on the first floor, in the area where the male apparition, wearing a trench coat and hat, floated from one wall into the opposite wall, in front of the startled owner.

Other ghostly faces were caught on the walls of the basement, though the group wasn’t sure if these pictures were false positives, or tricks of light. Other weird results were captured on photos and film.

A clearer picture of a boy entity was taken against the basement wall.

Their most clear picture was of a long-haired man with a large nose and skinny chin. It was taken by the pool tables.

The very clear EVPs were not in response to questions asked by the investigators. It seems that the investigators were, at the most, just observed, though the interesting image of the man with the hat seemed to follow them around the building.

If it is an intelligent haunt, perhaps the building is the home of several male entities, a boy, a girl, and perhaps another female entity. The EVPs seem to indicate that two of the male entities knew each other, one male entity knew a female entity, called Lisa, but she didn’t know him. These could’ve been a repeat of what was said years ago, in a different situation.

They picked up two clear EVPs of a boy and a girl, or woman near the stage area, and a laugh, which gives some hope to the intelligent haunt theory. The boy did say, HI!. Another entity laughed at a statement made by an investigator about their web site’s success.



1013 State Street
Erie, PA 16501
(814) 461-1013

Nicky’s Pub, formerly State Street Tavern can be found on State Street between East 10th and E. 11th, about 6 blocks south of Gannon University. Take East Bayfront Parkway to State Street, and go south around 10 blocks. The Pub is nestled in the middle of historical street business buildings, on the left side of the street.



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