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The intelligent spirit or residual energy of one very busy woman has been experienced.



It is a big, solidly built yellow brick building, 1/4 block long, and has roughly 9,000-square-feet. It was built like a tank to last the ages. It has been renovated, and has evolved into a Beauty College that opened on May 11th, 2011.



The name of the structure, Churchman’s Business School, that was displayed on the building leads one to believe that this school was started by either the First Presbyterian Church, or perhaps was a joint effort of all the churches in town. This big yellow brick building was probably involved with the First Presbyterian Church that is located right next to this school, as it appears to have been built on the same or adjoining lot. Many churches and religious organizations started schools to educate and elevate people of all ages into better economic futures, as well as be a blessing to their communities.

There must have been a need for higher vocational education for those students who didn’t have the money, the desire or the grades for an academic college, in an era when not many scholarships were awarded. In 1912, it probably started out as a church sponsored/affiliated business school for young people, with the goal of training people in a business field, deemed to be stable, and a source of good income. As time passed, probably both men and women attended here, as more and more women joined the work force, becoming secretaries and office personnel. As of 2002, near the end of the college’s existence, 70% of their students were women.

While it probably started out as a church property, eventually the Easton Area Board of Education bought the building and its property, and leased it to the private vocational college already established by the church, turning it into a secular school. Many colleges that were founded by churches have eventually become secular, private schools, such as USC in Los Angeles, CA.

By 2002, this private, for profit, small business school was a vocational/technical, two year school that had 186 students, and 7 professors. They offered associate degrees in Accounting and Related Services, Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science, General, Business Administration, Management and Operations, Business Administration, Management and Operations, Business Operations Support and Secretarial Services, Business Operations Support and Secretarial Services, and General Business Commerce.

Unfortunately, the college closed it doors in 2004, due to declining enrollment, after 92 years. One article I read had reported that the owners also got behind in their taxes. However, as it was built to last, others began to think of ways to revive it into a profitable business. It took seven years to find just the right use for this big yellow building.

First idea was to convert the building into apartments, but for some reason that plan didn’t fly far. The building had long been a school, and perhaps the owners of the property, Easton Area Board of Education, wanted another type of educational program to open in the building.

In 2009, someone’s dream nearly reopened the building as another school; Close, but no cigar. The Lehigh Valley Live publication reported that there was a proposal by Donald Oh, of Toms River, New Jersey, to open Eastern Academy. This would be a boarding school that would recruit 72 Korean students; ages 15 to 19, who wanted to learn English. An Easton Area School Board member Pat Vulcano, who attended Churchman’s Business School, didn’t think that the building would be big enough to give a quality education to such a number of students that needed to enroll, in order to make a profit.

In their March 19th, 2011 publication, Lehigh Valley reported about the new purpose in store for this Churchman’s Business School building, and who won over the Easton Area School Board of Education with her proposal. Long time, Easton business owner, Nicole Oshodi, after investing $20,000 into renovation work, including roof repairs, fire alarm installations and updated ceilings and entrance ways, as well as passing all the requirements of the state, Nicole Oshodi opened Trendz Beauty Academy: Cosmetology and Barbering School. It is a vocational school for students wanting to learn the hair-cutting profession; “Cosmetology and Barbering”. This academy would bring in 10 jobs, many students, and offer a vital service needed in any community! As a bonus, it would also bring people into the downtown commercial business district, and would help local businesses in the city.

TRENDZ was started with the same passion that Churchman’s Business School was started so long ago; to help young people learn and become successful in an exciting, stable occupation! Nicole Oshod, an experienced hair salon owner and teacher, has a strong passion to help the young people in the community; “TRENDZ is designed to provide students with the training and documentation needed to take and successfully pass the Pennsylvania State Boards exam and become a licensed professional. Beyond passing, it is the goal of TRENDZ to equip students with unmatchable skills for success!”



People who haven’t finished their long list of things to do when they pass, sometimes stick around to try to finish what they wanted to accomplish.

People who were heavily involved in their life’s calling, and have put their all into their causes in this world, sometimes have to still keep an eye on their labor of love, to see how things are faring, perhaps not quite ready to relinquish the reins to the next dedicated leader for their cause.

An entity of probably a dedicated female worker of Churchman’s Business School, connected to the First Presbyterian Church as well, has been an active presence; either residual or intelligent, in the past.

While no actual interaction with her has been reported, her appearance as an apparition was most active in the 1940s’ – 1950s’, as many sightings were reported by the living during this time.



Entity of a woman, focused on her duties –

Nothing is known, or been revealed about her.

As she was probably connected to the First Presbyterian Church, she has been spotted on the steps of the church and inside the parsonage as well, traveling back and forth to the old Churchman’s Business School building. The parsonage was used as office space for the Churchman’s Business School.

Has been seen walking near this big yellow brick Churchman’s Business School Building, and perhaps was seen inside it as well. It is not known if this occurred at the same time, or at various times of the day or night.


Not certain. Not enough information is known, experienced or documented. This female entity could’ve been just residual energy, that had played out by 1960.

Or perhaps she simply decided to stay in the spirit world, having in her mind, finished her remaining chores, for the time being.

On the other hand, however, she may just be dormant, and will be activated/drawn into this world by the environment once again, with this new school. (Willard Library) Time will tell if she is an intelligent spirit who had just gone dormant for years, or was just an energy imprint of one very busy woman.

Not much has been recently experienced, though she is still seen on occasion, going about her business.

Nothing caught by paranormal investigators has been reported or published.




355 Spring Garden Street
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042
(610) 258-5345

The Churchman’s Business School building is near the Center Square in historic downtown Easton.

It is located right next to the First Presbyterian Church of Easton. Take the Lehigh Valley Thruway, and get off on the Spring Garden Street. (611) exit. Go right, and travel on this one-way street, going west. Churchman’s Business School building and the First Presbyterian Church are on Spring Garden Street between 3rd Street, and North 4th Street.


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