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Spirits of Gunners still are getting ready for missions.

It is suspected that one of these spirits clocked the museum’s night guard!



B-24 Liberator — The “Strawberry Bitch” — Served with the 512th Bomb Squadron, 376th Bomb Group of the 15th Air Force based in Libya and Italy. It had interesting nose art. Some say that the red-headed babe painted on the side had not a stitch of clothing on, when the plane was serving in action.

The B-24 Liberator bomber had a number of virtues: It was fast (300 mph at 30,000 feet), capable of carrying 8000 LB of bombs, and had an operational range of approximately 2290 miles.



With planes involved with life-threatening dramas like war, people have died, but it seems aren’t ready to continue on to the other side.

WW2 — B-24 Liberator heavy bomber, The Strawberry Bitch

“The Strawberry Bitch” was a B-24 assigned to the 512 BS of the 376 BG. Belly gunners on the B24 were in a risky position, being especially easy targets for enemy fire or becoming unintended casualties if the landing gear was damaged in a raid. Other gunners also may have been shot in the course of defending their position on the plane by enemy fire.




The old Air Force relics and planes on display at the museum attract the spirits of crew members killed in action or accidents, which liven up the lives of janitors and guards, who have reported paranormal occurrences such as moving objects, unexplainable voices, actual apparitions and eerie sounds. In one story I read, a janitor was actually decked by an apparition out of control. Pilots and crew who loved their planes while alive, are still attracted to them even when dead.

B-24, The Strawberry Bitch — Haunted by unknown entities

Strange lights are seen moving around the airplane. Someone it seems is still serving on board, not letting death get in the way.

The Belly guns are known to rattle by themselves, which perhaps is caused by the apparition of an unlucky gunner who was killed on a mission.


Yes indeed.

Whether young men die suddenly in battle or suffer a slow death, they sometimes go to the other side with great difficulty. They still had much to do on earth — or were so traumatized in death they had a great need to remain close to things which were familiar, looking for answers, unable to rest.



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The “Strawberry Bitch” B-24 Liberator can be found in the Air Power Gallery, which is the home of lots of WW2 planes, photos and exhibits of a variety of occurrences, including the story of the Philippine Death March, life in a POW camp, The Flying Tigers story, uniforms of all the services, heroes, and campaigns, and other artifacts too numerous to mention.


Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr

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Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr


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