Air Force Museum B-29 Bomber “Bockscar”

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This B29 bomber dropped instant death on Nagasaki.

A spirit of a young citizen attached itself to the Bockscar…



Named after its original pilot, Frederick Bock, the B-29 Bomber, “Bockscar” was the plane which was used to drop the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. “Bockscar” became the first and only aircraft to effectively end a world war.

B-29 Bomber — was the heaviest production aircraft built up to that time, would be the first to have pressurized crew compartments, centralized and computerized fire control, the capacity to carry up to a 20,000 pound bomb load, or the ability to fly 5,830 miles, with a top airspeed of 365 miles per hour. Paradoxically, although the B-29 was designed to be a high-altitude weapons platform, its greatest WWII successes were accomplished at low-altitude, in the fire-bombing of Japan.

Eventually, the B-29 became the first combat aircraft to carry and drop atomic bombs, first on Hiroshima (by “Enola Gay” commanded by Capt. Robert Lewis and Col. Paul Tibbetts), then Nagasaki (commanded by Maj. Charles Sweeny).




The dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, wiped out the city’s population but saved lives in the long run as it stopped the Japanese war machine in its tracks and brought Japan’s ruler and support team to the peace table to sign surrender papers.



Spirit of Japanese Boy

Guards have seen an apparition of a little Japanese boy standing by the B-29 Bomber “Bockscar,” whose spirit somehow attached itself to the plane.


Yes indeed.

When people die quickly, they sometimes have a hard time going to the other side because they weren’t ready to die, or are so traumatized by their own death, they stick around things which are familiar, looking for answers. An American plane would be a natural attraction to a little boy, perhaps who wanted to be a pilot himself. He perhaps can’t understand why such a bomb was dropped on his city from this plane, causing his death.



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