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Prostitution endangered women’s physical and mental well-being.



The Queen’s Hotel is a beautiful Victorian 1876-’79 bed and breakfast with 3 floors, 11 rooms and suites. They are described as being luxurious with all the modern conveniences such as private baths, “some with an oversized whirlpool tub, in-room coffee maker, telephone, television, mini-refrigerator, hair dryer, heated towel bar and air conditioning.”



The town of Cape May had very early beginnings. It was founded in 1620 by Dutch sea captain, Cornelius Jacobsen Mey. The first residents were Dutch immigrants, who worked in the large whaling industry which grew here. A 100 years later, in 1720, it evolved into a seaside resort, and changed its name from Cape Mey to Cape May.

The original Queen’s Hotel building was built in 1876, inspired like many of the buildings in town by the Queen Victoria style, because this was the era that Queen Victoria reigned in England. It was built to house a respectable, squeaky clean business, an apothecary; Ware’s Pharmacy. In reality, besides the apothecary, other businesses not so respectable resided there also, which were lucrative money makers in a resort town: A speakeasy, a gambling den and on the third floor, a brothel.

Who needs urban renewal when acres of properties were destroyed by fires? There were two bad and destructive fires which raced through Cape May in the 1800s. The burnt buildings were rebuilt in the Victorian style, giving the town its lovely Victorian charm which is an added plus for a resort town. One huge fire in Cape May in 1878 singed The Ware’s Pharmacy building, causing a new make-over for the building, becoming more roomier to hold all three businesses.

Sometime along the way, the building became just one resort business, The Queen’s Hotel, and catered to visitors and vacationers as a hotel and bed & breakfast. Eventually, it was bought by the same owners of The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn on 102 Ocean Street, which was a very good thing, as both hotels are in excellent shape and great places to stay.



Places where a lot of turmoil and unhappiness have taken place, as well as places which have brought happiness tend to attract hauntings. Taverns, hotels, brothels and gambling joints are such places. Check out some other examples on our web-site: (The James Hotel in NM, White Eagle in OR, Harvard Exit Theater in WA – to name a few.)




Entity of Young Prostitute

The strong aroma of perfume waifs throughout the third floor rooms at times. Cold spots are felt by the living. Objects and furniture seem to move by themselves. Her entity gives little bumps/pushes women as it passes them in the hallways; guests she feels jealous of. For chuckles, she also bumps into the beds.


Yes indeed! No one knows why this entity haunts this upscale Victorian bed and breakfast, but witnesses to her antics know she is haunting the third floor.



601 Columbia Avenue,
Cape May, New Jersey

The Queen’s Hotel can be found on the corner of Columbia Avenue and Ocean Street.



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Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr

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  • Haunted Places: The National Directory, Dennis William Hauck, the Penguin Group, 2002.

Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr

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