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Paranormal activity is caused from the more than normal accidental deaths…




This immense stone building, featuring a 12 story high rise tower, in its center, with its dome on the very top, is internationally recognized, the architectural achievement of architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue.

It took ten years to construct (1922-1932), at the cost of 10 million dollars!! YIKES!

It has held up very well, and still has the space to hold today’s Nebraskan government.

Inside, one finds many lovely paintings and murals which reflect the history and culture of the gutsy people who settled Nebraska. It is truly a majestic building, handsomely designed and truly inspiring.




The land on which this building stands is believed to be holy by the Indians who live in the area. Like many of the hauntings at other state capitol buildings, tragic accidents are the cause for the hauntings in this building.

An inmate who was stringing Christmas lights on the outside of the dome, had a heart attack and fell to the ground.

A workman who was concentrating on doing a routine chore of changing a light bulb, slipped and fell to his death.

The one structural flaw of this beautiful building was having too short safety rails on the spiral stairs which lead up to the 12th floor, and the dome. This caused two unfortunate deaths.

During the 1950s, a man who was visiting the building, started up the spiral staircase which led to the dome. He became dizzy when he looked over the railing to catch the view of the bottom, and fell over the short railing, bomb diving to his death to the floor below.

Despite having serious issues with heights, A female worker attempted anyway to climb up the narrow 12h floor steps to get some supplies out of the storage area. True to form, she inadvertently looked down, became dizzy and fell over the short rail and fell 12 stories down to her death.



Visual Activity:

Entity of the female worker, the visitor or the light bulb changer: Perhaps they take turns reliving their own deaths!

Half way up the steps up to the 12th floor, people have suddenly seen a misty form free – falling down to the first floor, but disappears before landing.

Witnesses have seen a black mist on various stairways throughout the building.

Auditory Activity:

Witnesses have heard: Sounds of distress; Mainly screaming, & crying.

For example, people have heard a man crying when they ride the elevator, or stand on the southwest side of the observation deck in the tower.

Voices coming from unseen presences. Footfalls on the steps when no one alive was present. Tactile activity: Witnesses report: People sense that they are being watched, and have felt unseen presences keeping them company. The spirit of an Indian entity was sensed by a psychic in the basement.


Yes, it appears to be.

Witnesses consistently report the above paranormal activities throughout the years.




445 “K” Street
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508

This glorious Nebraska State Capitol Building can be found by taking Hwy 180/34 and getting off on Capitol Parkway West (called K Street on the other side of 34).

It is a one way street, running east. The Nebraska State Capitol Building will be on the left, just a little past 14th Street, which is a one way street running North. Be sure you have a good map, because the out of town traveler is faced with an obstacle course of one way streets!



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