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Spirits of brutally murdered people stick around the place of their demise.



This three story and a basement red brick structure with a green awning is the home of many haunted objects and a few spirits of people who died in this building due past events that happened here over the eras.

Haunted murder weapons, house hold items, and just about any item you can imagine is on display with its story attached to it. People have donated their haunted objects to this museum, so tired of being scared. The items on display have been certified as having a spirit attached to it.

The Museum of Shadows puts all of their spirits to work, giving them a chance to express themselves at the same time. Besides selling tickets for the self-tour the museum, they conduct paranormal investigations here which helps to keep their doors open. They warn about touching the objects and have cameras to keep an eye on participants and visitors. A spirit attached to an object may decide to go home for a visit!

The cameras also keep an eye of the haunted items on display. Some of the dolls and objects move, and all action is recorded on tape of anything paranormal that happens after closing hours.

As you enter this museum, the front desk is in a gift shop, offering crystals, sage, ghost-hunting equipment and holy water. I got to meet owners and curators Nate & Kaleigh Raterman, who were there. They are experienced paranormal investigators themselves and will have a show on cable soon.

I bought a 15 dollar ticket but declined the use of the meter for another 10 dollars because I’m a sensitive and can feel spirits. They gave me a flashlight to read all the cards telling about the haunted objects in their museum, as there are no lights on.

They have quite a lot of haunted dolls throughout the museum which were creepy. It is no wonder their former owners donated these dolls after reading each story of each individual doll.

The attic was where a prostitute, Anna, was brutally stabbed about 90 times by a disturbed client. Her body outline has been drawn on the floor for effect. I felt her presence here. This spirit has found ways to communicate with the living; informally with visitors and with the participants of the paranormal investigations held here.

The basement has a heavy feeling in its energy that is pretty oppressive, and I stayed for just of few minutes. On one wall, there were a boatload of haunted Ouija boards. Plus there may have been a few spirits of folks who may have been killed here as well as the building had a wild past as well as being the home of normal businesses.




The town of Plattsmouth got its start as a trading post that grew throughout the early 19th century. It was incorporated into a city in 1857, just before the Civil War broke out. The buildings that were built in the 1880s and now make up the protected structures found in Plattsmouth Main Street Historic District, protected by the National Register of Historic Places.

The building at 502 Main St, on the corner of 5th and Main St. has housed a variety of businesses, including a Saloon and Brothel, a Doctors Office, a Dentist Office, a Cigar Factory, a Barber Shop, a Tailor, a Restaurant, a place for embalming corpses, and the local newspaper that was printed in the basement.

Nate & Kaleigh Raterman who are experienced paranormal investigators founded and became the curators of The Museum of Shadows. They have 12 years of investigative experience, including dealing with demons through their group; Tri-City Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (TRIP).

They take volatile objects of all kinds into their museum. All donations are put into quarantine to be sure the objects are haunted by benign spirits. The items that have nasty, negative spirits attached to them, are put in a storage locker.



Spirits of brutally murdered people stick around the place of their demise, restless for a variety of reasons, including: seeking justice, wanting to tell their story, not willing to accept their death or afraid to go onto the spirit world.

Places where bodies were embalmed sometimes have the spirits of these bodies still there.

Sometimes spirits choose to attach themselves to their favorite items they had while alive.



Vistors have had personal experiences while touring the museum.

Cameras have caught paranormal activity during the hours that the museum is closed to the living.

Through scientific ways, each item is verified to be haunted with the hard evidence caught in fool-proof ways.

Paranormal investigations conducted here have caught hard evidence of spirits who are attached to the building and spirits who are attached to the items on display.

Voices of a young girl and an older gentleman have been recorded.

The painful cries of a dying boy have been heard coming from the murder weapon that cut him severely years ago.

Giggles of little girls have been heard coming from various dolls.

Cameras have caught: lights that turn on by themselves and items that roll across the floor.

Visitors and investigators have noticed the smell of a flowery perfume.

Investigators have had unexplained equipment malfunctions.

Visitors and investigators have felt a soft touch on the arm by an unseen presence.


Yes Indeed! There is more than enough hard evidence proving that these objects are haunted, and that other spirits are here as well. Besides the boatload of personal experiences, Hard evidence has been caught in a variety of ways. It is well worth the entrance fee.




502 Main Street,
Plattsmouth, NE

The Museum of Shadows is located on the corner of Main Street and 5th Street in the historic downtown district of Plattsmouth, Nebraska. It shares a wall with the business next door.



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