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People who love their life work a little too much, have a harder time leaving.



Taken from the Central High website:

Central’s Mission Statement: The mission of Central High School is to continue a tradition of excellence emphasizing academic achievement, responsible citizenship, and pride in diversity within a safe and respectful environment.


Central High School is certainly housed in a spectacular stone building, which surely is impressive! The building’s Grecian/Roman front, the decorative stonework, and artistic flair isn’t usually seen in the normal high school found in most cities! Tom and I were really excited to see such a beautiful building!

The land which this high school sits on originally was the site of the Territorial Capitol, from 1857-1869. When Nebraska became a state, the Capitol was moved to Lincoln, and the old building and its grounds were given to the city of Omaha to be used for educational purposes.

The old Territorial Capitol building was torn down, and Omaha’s first high school was built in 1870. This grand red brick building faced east, had 4 stories, 15 school rooms, 4 recitation rooms and a huge basement. It had a center building with north and south wings, and a 150 ft. spire, creating a truly inspiring school house, with plenty of room to handle their students. However, by 1897, this school building had become overcrowded and its poor ventilation became unbearable.

The building seen today was built between 1900-1912, at the cost of $750,000! From 1920-1977, new additions were added, such as new gyms and auditorium. In 1981-1982, the entire building “underwent an extensive renovation.” A “translucent dome” enclosed the open courtyard which was in the middle of the buildings, giving the kids another place to gather, eat lunch when the weather is horrid.



People who love their life work and activities perhaps little too much, sometimes have a harder time crossing over to the other side, when they pass on from this life.

A friendly entity of a former Dean of Students, and an entity of a custodian still go about their duties, not letting the reality that they are no longer alive keep them from what they loved to do, and/or from the work they still feel they need to complete.


(The paranormal activity happens on the weekends and evenings.)

General occurrences which could be caused by either entity.

Unexplained cold spots have been felt by many witnesses in the original part of the building, along the central main hall.

Various witnesses have heard a disembodied voice speaking directly to them; “I know you’re here”…or “I know you’re all here.”

The friendly entity of a former Dean of Students:

An apparition described as a “White Blur,” has been noticed flying along the main hall, disappearing through the door of the Dean Of Students’ Office.

An apparition described as a shadow entity likes to wave at the living through the clear window of the Dean Of Students’ Office.

The hard-working entity of a custodian:

Sounds of someone sweeping the main hall has been heard by witnesses.

Sounds of the wheels of the Custodian cart and its customary creaking noise have been heard, moving along the wooden floors.


Yes indeed!

The numerous witness reports are believable.



1 Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

The grand, imposing, elegant Central High building is located on the corner of North 20th Street and Dodge Street. N. 20th is a one way street running south from the 480. Dodge Street is a one way street running west. Once again, the out of town traveler needs a good city map to figure out the one way street rubiks cube system in Omaha.





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