Donaldson House

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Is home to 7 grumpy spirits and one friendly one!



This 1901, beautiful mansion is a large, 2 story with a third floor attic. This mansion has a distinctive round stone porch. Being over a hundred years old, it has seen years of life and looks a bit worn, in need of a face lift. I would have loved to see the inside of it. It probably has the typical entry hall, parlor, dining, library and living rooms found in homes on the first floor built in this era. The old bedrooms now either classrooms or studios are up on the second floordonaldson-paranormal



Donaldson House was built in 1901. Mr. and Mrs. Lewin W. Donaldson owned this fine home from 1939 until 1967. When it went onto the market, the Kansas City Art Institute bought it and used it for many years for studios and offices.

While it is a beautiful turn-of-the-century home, it is a little run down and shabby at this point, looking spooky even at 3:00 in the afternoon! But thanks to the generous donation of American Sterling Bank founder and CEO Larry Dodge and his wife, Kristina, who gave $5 million to the Kansas City Art Institute, Donaldson House has a bright future. As of June 2006, Donaldson House began the process of undergoing a much needed renovation. Part of this donation is earmarked for this mansion and other buildings to be constructed.

Phase three calls for an addition to be added to the back of Donaldson House.



This neighborhood is in the suburbs of Kansas City, and one can tell that these homes were built by the wealthy class which developed this area around the turn-of-the-century. If entities of past owners still reside here, 7 of them have taken a strong dislike to the young people who attend class in their home, not to mention any TGIF parties held in the studios housed here.



Eight different entities reside in this mansion, and only one of them is friendly and benign. That leaves 7 grumpy spirits, much annoyed with the living!!!

A very bright shimmering orb presence was seen floating around the rooms on the second floor.

A really grumpy and annoyed entity became incensed at the mess left behind after a “wild” college party in one of the studios and had a temper tantrum, throwing a toolbox from one end of the living room to the other side, scaring the people cleaning up but good!

During the evening hours when the second floor is devoid of anyone breathing, people on the first floor have heard mysterious footsteps on the second floor rooms of entities going about their business.

Around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, some entity gives an early morning wake up call, by causing the phone on the second floor to ring.


Yes Indeed!

8 entities still make their home in the Donaldson House. They may have no choices as to who uses their house, but they don’t have to like it! While the house is being renovated, they will be getting a vacation from the living! Phase 3 will see the building of an addition on the south end of Donaldson House for classroom space, which will either make them even happier, or it will really annoy them.



4347 Oak Street,
Kansas City, MO

The Donaldson House can be found on Oak Street about a block north of the main campus of The Kansas City Art Institute. It is across the street from another old mansion in great shape which has a sign which says, The Kansas City Art Institute, another home used by the institute.





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