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One spirit is a wanna-be thespian,
while one gets its chuckles at the expense of the living!



Central High School as a public secondary institution has the distinct honor of being the second oldest high school, west of the Mississippi River. The first high school level instruction in St. Joseph, began in 1863, with 3 students. The population in St. Joseph began to grow after the Civil War, making it necessary to establish two school buildings.

The origin of Central High School began in a school built on the corner of 10th St. and Edmond Streets. Known as “The High School,” it also was home to an elementary school, which used three of the building’s four rooms. By 1896, there were two full high schools, both located in the downtown area.

In 1910, “The High School” was renamed “Central High School.” As St. Joseph expanded, more and more families moved into housing located in the neighborhoods, located east of the down town area, the need for a new high school was evident. As the old high school building at 10th and Edmond Streets, was too small and a little too long in the tooth, a new Central High School was constructed in 1932 at its current location, 2602 Edmond Street.

During the 1960s, student population exploded, resulting in two additions. In 1961, the Sophomore Annex of 24 rooms was built. In 1968, the Freshman Annex of 25 rooms was added as well.

In 2002, a bond renovation project was completed, which centralized the administrative and counseling offices, and completed new construction of a media center, library, renovation work on the gym and science lab upgrades.

Central High School has a variety of handsome brick buildings, which sit back from Edmond Street. The oldest building is three stories, with handsome Grecian columns in the front. it has been well taken care of over the years, offering a great place for teens to learn and experience a variety of areas of study, and activities.




It is unknown why two entities hang around Central High School, but we can speculate on why. Somehow, these spirits have a connection to the school or the land upon which the school sits upon. The main original, Central High School building and the auditorium where the theatre arts stage is located were built in 1932. This means that these entities could’ve come from anytime during the school’s existence, or even beforehand.

Perhaps they lived on the land before the school was built here, and are haunting the land for some reason; an untimely death, or foul play? As far as it is known, the land wasn’t used as a cemetery.

The entities could be young people who died of disease, dumb accidents or a sudden, unexpected demise off campus. No deaths on campus occurred because of murder, falls, suicides or mishaps during athletic events, which are all events which can cause hauntings.

Perhaps an over dedicated drama teacher, or a young drama enthusiast who participated in the program at Central High School, sometime during its history, still has a strong interest in the current drama program in the auditorium.



The entity who haunts the original 1932 Central High building, has been doing so for a long time period.

This entity enjoys playing tricks on the students and adults, and has been an active prankster throughout the years, especially on the second and third floors.

It loves to cause flooding in the bathrooms located on all the building’s floors: Main level – third floor.

The other entity enjoys being around drama classes and productions in the auditorium.

This gentile, interested spirit is welcomed and accepted by the current drama teacher and theatre students, who have given it a friendly name to go along with its sweet nature.


Yes indeed!

Many eye witnesses have reported their existence and activities.

The prankster must draw his or her energy from the students, like poltergeists do and shows its sense of humor and perhaps a bit of hostility toward the school/the living by making watery messes and tricking the students for more chuckles. I bet this entity was a teenager with a chip on its shoulder and harboring issues before dying.

The theater enthusiast is perhaps a helpful entity who likes to watch the activities of the drama classes and the productions themselves.



2602 Edmond Street
St. Joseph, MO 64501

Central High School is 5 minutes from downtown St. Joseph.



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