Tavern at Clinton

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A travesty of justice has one restless spirit wanting to clear its name…

Probably guilt has drawn a male spirit back here.

A group of spirits may be stuck there.



The Tavern is an 18th century building that is now a museum, operated by the Maryland National Capital Park Commission. It originally was run as an Inn for people traveling to and from Washington D.C. in the late 1800s.



When business at the Inn dropped off, the owner, Mary Surratt, leased the building to John Lloyd, who turned it into a Tavern as well as an Inn, to bring in more money. Mary herself moved to Washington D.C. Because Mary was a friend of John Lloyd, John Surratt, who was Mary’s son, was permitted to meet with his friends at the Tavern occasionally. John Wilkes Booth unfortunately was one of the son’s friends, which led these meetings to hatch the assassination plans concerning President Lincoln. The guns were later hid under the floor boards of the Tavern. Unfortunately, Mary Surratt was accused by John Lloyd of being part of the plot, and was put on trial and ultimately was sent to the gallows on Lloyd’s testimony. During her trial the town changed its name from Surrattville to Clinton.

Mary Surratt on top left scaffold.
Photo from memory.loc.gov



A figure of a woman, which is Mary Surratt’s restless spirit, has been seen floating around the Tavern, which was once her home. She has been seen on the wide porch, and the stairway between the first and second floors.

Strange men have been spotted, sitting on the back stairs of the Tavern, when no one was there but the occupants inside.

Muffled voices of a group of men talking in “excited tones” have been heard. At the very least, an imprint from the past has been preserved at the Tavern.

Just recently an unidentified male apparition has appeared before the living



Yes indeed! The same manifestations are still witnessed by the living.

The restless spirit of Mary Surratt, is still looking to clear her name after being executed for something she probably didn’t do. She paid the ultimate price for unknowingly leasing her property to some shady characters.

From this period in history, psychic imprints portray or actual entities still plan their dastardly deeds.

Hans Holzer and Sybil Leek visited the Tavern. Leek immediately knew the location of where the guns were hidden and where the meetings took place. While in a trance, Leek connected with one of the former owners of the Tavern, Edwin Booth.

As of 1996, no exorcism had been attempted, so psychic visitors might be able to hear the same voices.



Surratt House Museum,
9110 Brandywine Road,
P.O. Box 427,
Clinton, Maryland 20735

This 18th century tavern sits 13 miles south of Washington D.C. in a small town called Clinton, which was originally known as Surrattville.

From downtown Washington, it takes less than an hour to drive there.


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