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Two employees are not on the payroll here.

A child is looking for her daddy, and having fun too.

Spirits didn’t approve of the new additions, resulting in startling paranormal activity!


The Kennebunk Inn has a great location in a “prime vacation area of Maine.” This property is a beautifully kept historic building that has offered a relaxing spot to have a vacation with great service and with great accommodations for many years. Both locals and tourists/visitors love this place.

All of its 22,239 sq ft is all put to work to bring in a nice income for its owners; meeting the needs of not only tourists/visitors to Kennebunk, but also for the local folks. The restaurant has long been a favorite place for locals to enjoy a great meal, as well as being an event venue for a host of occasions in their large dining rooms. Outside, The Kennebunk Inn has a large courtyard patio that also has seen its share of diners, guests and special occasions in warmer weather months.

There is also their Tavern, that serves drinks and probably has a menu of bar food. They may have entertainment.

The Kennebunk Inn has a place to stay for anyone’s pocket book. “The range of room and suite sizes, configurations and amenities support a wide array of guests and guest preferences and a variety of prices.”

The Kennebunk Inn’s has sixteen guest rooms and seven suites; all of whom are named for the first four U.S. Presidents:Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison; offering “unique personalities (see website) with yesteryear’s charm.” The Adams rooms are a standard price accommodation; offering a regular room, smaller at 169 sq ft but practical and lovely as well. The step up from the Adams rooms are the Jefferson Rooms. The Madison and Washington rooms are bigger and more deluxe suites and rooms.

Being in the heart of historic downtown, no need to drive; just walk outside to the sidewalk!




The original 1799 structure was originally built to be a private home for Dr. Phineas Cole and his family, as well as having rooms for his doctor’s office and treatment room. The house was large and roomy. One could say that it had a very practical layout that guaranteed it to be a very useful space.

Not surprising, this home was owned by several families, up into the late 1920’s when it was put onto the real estate market. An Entrepreneur saw its possibilities and bought this now fixer-upper opportunity, with plans to renovate it. He opened his inn and called it “The Tavern.”

In 1940, Walter Day bought the place, and was inspired to expand the inn by adding rooms, to offer sixteen rooms and renamed it a grander name; “The Kennebunk Inn.” It was a family-run inn which explains how it kept going for 40 years. This inn became a much loved establishment by all, and sailed through WW 2, the 1950s’, the 1960s’ and all the way up to 1980.

It was during the late 1960s, that poet Silas Perkins became the night watchman as a way to have room and board and a small paycheck to live on. Perkins reached fame as a Poet, especially when his poem The Common Road was read on the radio at President Roosevelt’s funeral in 1945.

In 1980, Arthur LeBlanc bought the Kennebunk Inn and added six more rooms in this large renovation and restoration project, lifting this moderate fixer-upper historic property into the 20th Century, that just increased the inn’s popularity.

Around 2002, The Kennebunk Inn was put back out on the real estate market, but not for long. In 2003 -2020 and beyond, David and Sue Horner and their daughter and son-in-law, Shanna Horner O’Hea and Brian O’Hea were the next owners /innkeepers who at first didn’t believe in spirits until the spirits introduced themselves them. Shanna and Brian are the innkeepers and award-winning chefs who have won awards for their delicious food they serve their guests and patrons.

Apparently, they have some employees who are not on the payroll, along with a spirit child, and maybe the spirit of a former resident, a former guest or a former patron who hasn’t been forthcoming about his or her identity.



Children who die from accidents or disease, often like to stay in a place that they felt loved.

Stranahan House FL (A little Native American girl lovingly learned from her teacher here, and she died of heart issues in the home’s doorway).

Bee Bennett Mansion, CA (Two little boy spirits are here; One died of disease, and one died falling down the stairs).

The East Wind Inn, ME (A very small child who died here knows its name starts with an L).

Kennebunk Inn, ME (A spirit of a very young female child; who was probably a daughter of one of the families  who lived here or ran the inn and tavern, died here sometime in its history).

Sometimes spirits who really loved their work while alive, sometimes can’t let go  of their duties and stay to not only continue as they can as a spirit, but take on more responsibilities as  they are free and feel entitled to do so.

Lucky’s Tavern, FL (A Spirit of a gangster hired himself to be the spectral employee manager, and does so with gusto in his gruff way).

Bair Bistro owner WA (The spirit of at the original business that was here wants to be involved with Bair Bistro as well).

Stanley Hotel CO (A dedicated maid does her best to take care of the guests and keeps an eye out for the living’s hanky panky between unmarried people).

Kennebunk Inn, ME (The spirit of a retired poet, and the inn’s former security guard, Silas Perkins keeps an eye on the living expanding his former living job into more areas. He follows the sentiment found in his poem, “The Common Man”. “I want to laugh with the common man; Whenever he chance to be;I want to aid him when I can; Whenever there’s need of me.”)

When changes or additions are made to a structure, spirits may not like the changes to their favorite place: Paranormal activity often increases.

Bullock Hotel SD (Spirit of Seth: Gambling slot machines in my Hotel? Nooo!  What are they thinking? I’d try to throw the salesman out if I had a body! Scaring him will have to do).

The Stokes Adobe  CA (Why is there a restaurant and bar in my sanctuary home?  Too many people!)

Church Street Cafe NM (I hate the plans and renovation work on my forever home to turn it into a restaurant! This is war!!!!).

Kennebunk Inn, ME (The number and intensity of the paranormal interactions spiked with the living, right after the 1980 major renovation efforts).

People who enjoyed working and staying in a commercial place, sometimes choose to spend their after life there; hanging around to watch the living, sometimes yearning to have their old job back. Getting their chuckles sometimes at the living’s expense is a temptation they can’t resist and makes them feel better.

The Curtis House Inn CT (The workers here are lazy: I need to breathe down their necks).

General Wayne Inn PA (Spirits. of Hessian soldiers found ways to entertain themselves at the expense of the living).

Center For The Arts at Easton Theatre PA (The spirit of the long time early 20th Century manager insisted on renovations by appearing to both employees and the board).

Kennebunk Inn, ME (A quiet, conscientious night clerk, Cyrus worked here for many years. Only after Cyrus passed, could he express his sense of humor, that was squelched for so many years; as well as his envious, menacing side as well, both used to bother the night clerks who had his job).

An older gentleman came in and asked the front desk, if Cyrus was still there. This gentleman had lived at the Inn around the time period of WW II, and had known Cyrus when he was the desk clerk then. He then said that Cyrus had his desk in the room that was directly above the unfinished staircase that went from the cellar to the ceiling.

This gentleman then said that Cyrus had his desk in the room that was directly above the unfinished staircase that went from the cellar to the ceiling.

Spirits who decide to stay in their favorite place in this world, let the living know that they are still there; especially if they have to share their favorite room/home with the living.

Captain Lord Inn ME (The lady of the mansion  gives good natured teasing to the guests who stay in her special room that she had loved while alive).

Berkeley Plantation VA (The master of the Berkeley Plantation teases the docents  who are doing what he would love to do if he had a body).

Captain Bailey House Museum NE (The spirit of the good captain is annoyed that the living come traipsing through his home so he lets all know that he is still there).

Kennebunk Inn, ME (Poet/ Night Watchman Silas Perkins stayed in Room 17 while alive, and he died there after his heart attack when he was 82. While he shares his room with guests, he lets them know that they have a roommate. His sense of humor can also be displayed with the staff).



There was a huge jump in paranormal activity here was caused by the major renovation of the inn in 1980. That is when all the havoc in the Tavern happened.

Rowdiness and Show of Might

Could be Silas, Cyrus or an Unknown Spirit.

It is not known who got physical in the Tavern: It seems out of character for the known spirits to do these things.

This unknown spirit perhaps didn’t like the bartender; perhaps the bartender and some of the bar personnel looked like folks this spirit  knew while he was alive who he didn’t like.

Late one evening, a hand-carved German mug flew off the shelf behind the bar and hit the bartender on the side of his head, causing a lump!

Wine glasses and Goblets – In one incident, a waiter was carrying a tray of wine glasses, when one of the wine glasses rose off the tray, and crashed to the floor, like someone had deliberately thrown it. Some customers witnessed the incident. The waiter took the rest of the day off.

Goblets located behind the bar, have been known to move and actually fly across the room by themselves.

Spirit of Small Girl Emily

This spirit of a little girl makes her presence known to people who look like her family members, and likes to play with the objects in this world.

This little one likes to run up and down the hallways and knock on the doors of guests.

She keeps herself busy! Carefully laid silverware has been known to mess itself up and chairs seem to move by themselves.

Perhaps she is looking for her mommy or daddy or grandpa.

Another one of Cahill’s friends wanted to get up in the early morning, to use the bathroom. However, he sat up in his bed and put his feet on the floor, when suddenly a swirling cold spot engulfed his legs, and he quickly got back into bed. This unseen presence of little Emily gave him a hug! Perhaps he reminded her of someone she once loved in this life.

Spirit of Cyrus

He doesn’t like the changes either; especially if it affects him.

Cyrus likes to watch the staff move around in their duties. His unseen presence is sometimes felt, perhaps feeling a little envious.

A waitress, with some psychic tendencies, was bringing up supplies for the day from a cellar foot locker, when the name, Cyrus, suddenly popped into her head, as she passed the unfinished cellar steps. She had felt his presence hanging out underneath these cellar steps.

He likes to play tricks on the living, but nothing too physical; just invades comfort zones, and annoy the living.

He may have been the one who disrupted the wine glasses, move the goblets, thrown glasses, but hurting the bartender isn’t one of them.

Cyrus yearns to be working as the clerk again, and vocally expresses his jealousy and disappointment; sometimes in fun but annoying ways.

While staying in their room, Mr. Cahill heard nothing as he slept, however, his friend, who was sleeping in the same room, was kept awake all night by a moaning, raspy voice, that was probably the spirit of Silas Perkins verbally explaining his issues with his disappointments.

Spirit of Silas Perkins

During his working years, he was an accomplished 20th century poet, writing such brilliant works as “The Common Man.”

“I want to laugh with the common man; Whenever he chance to be;I want to aid him when I can;Whenever there’s need of me.”

The Spirit of Silas has given himself some new responsibilities to his job description, because he can as no one can stop him.

He has become not only the watchman outside, but also makes bed checks.

Silas floats beside women who are going into the parking lot and from the parking lot to the inn.

Silas quietly checks on the sleeping guests to beside they are safe.

Guardian of the Living

Silas may think that he is also the guardian of the living, who may not have the ability to see bad ones like he can.

He may be the one who keeps an eye on shady-looking employees and guests. (Bullock Hotel SD * Monmouth Plantation MS)

However, this kind of physical output in the tavern; especially bonking the head of the bartender isn’t in his character either.

Peaceful and Polite

Silas is usually a peaceful and polite soul.

Even when sharing his room with guests, he lets them know in peaceful ways.

Guests experience “unnaturally cold brushes of air, rattling doorknobs and opening doors.”

Silas’ Sense of Humor

Silas also has a sense of fun, and sometimes teases the staff.

A housekeeper was cleaning his old room when she unplugged the television, to clean behind it. To her horror, this TV moments later turned on by itself.

An Unknown Apparition

Either the Spirit of Cyrus or the Spirit of Silas, or an unknown spirit; perhaps a past owner, past guest or past resident.

A gentleman was enjoying a fine meal in the inn’s restaurant when he happened to look out at the window. Much to his surprise, he saw a see through man from another era. This spirit man was wearing a double-breasted suit, and was “peering out from the second story window.”


Psychic investigations have identified the three spirits listed on this page, describing each one in detail. Three spirits were identified. The fourth spirit is sensed by the staff.

I haven’t found any hard paranormal evidence shared on-line.



Yes indeed!

The spirits of Silas Perkins, Cyrus, the little child and perhaps another presence are still on the job and being themselves, and getting their chuckles; sometimes at the expense of the living.  They all yearn for something which has made them restless and sometimes seeking.



45 Main Street,
Kennebunk, Maine 04043

The town of Kennebunk is located in the southwest corner of Maine, and is eleven miles south of Biddeford, on U.S. Highway 1.


Haunted Kennebunk Inn
Hauntings of an inn in Kennebunk by Seth Koenig, October 30, 2014

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