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The Provincial Hotel is a favorite hot spot for spectral Civil War wounded soldiers and their doctors.

Two spirits of soldiers from different eras
stay for different reasons, enjoying the amenities.

One of these soldiers still has a strong work ethic.



This lovely, upscale hotel is made up of five buildings. A variety of “tropical”, French Quarter courtyards can be found throughout the property. It has two pools to refresh the visitor after a hard day of sight-seeing!

The rooms are described as being spacious,”with 19th Century award-winning architecture.” Buildings 100 and 200, were recreations of the 19th-century style New Orleans decor. Buildings 300 and 400 have been restored to their original 1820 and 1825 early 19th century styles. Building 500 is a great restoration of its original 1875 structure.




The five buildings; (100, 200, 300, 400 & 500) which now make up the Hotel Provincial, each have their own history. During the 1960s, the buildings were bought and restored by the current owners of The Hotel Provincial.

Lieutenant Louis Boucher de Grandpre, was the first owner of the land that buildings 100 & 200 of The Hotel Provincial now sit upon, thanks to a land grant in 1725, courtesy of King Louis XV of France.

75 years later, this parcel was sold to Chevalier Jean Lavillebeuvre, who owned it from 1780-1797. Two families; the Laurans and the Roques, got together, bought and developed the land throughout the 1800s. Around the turn-of-the-century, in 1903, the buildings were sold as a commercial venture, becoming the new business home to the French Market Ice Company.

When a 1958 fire burned the buildings to the ground, the enterprising Dupepe family bought the land, and built the 100 and 200 buildings, opening a smaller version of The Hotel Provincial in 1961. As the success of their hotel brought in profits, the family began to grow their hotel by buying the other properties close by, adding the other buildings.

The land upon which the 300 building now sits, originally was used as a medicinal herb garden from the very beginning of the New Orleans Colony, and throughout the 18th century. The military hospital was just down the street. The Archbishop of New Orleans became the next owner for a few years, and then sold it in 1820. The new owners built a lovely townhouse, complete with housing for their slaves around 1825. It too was probably used as a Confederate hospital. In the 1960s the Dupepe family bought this property, and restored both structures in 1967, making it part of the the Hotel Provincial.

The 400 building originally was an 1830s Creole-style business store, with the living quarters on the second floor. The building was a commercial property for many years. It was a hardware store, when the Dupepe family bought it and restored the building in 1964, so it too could become part of the Hotel Provincial.

The 500 building is located on land that was originally owned by the Ursuline Nuns from the early 1700s to 1830. A military hospital was built here in 1722. Antoine Abat bought the land and old hospital in 1831, and then sold this property at a profit to Dominique Seghers, who had plans! Seghers had the old hospital torn down, and built two glorious houses on the land. In 1848, these mansions were turned into commercial use by the new owner Francoise Sambola, becoming a boarding house and coffee house. Both structures were probably used as a Civil War Hospital.

Unfortunately, both houses burned to the ground during the 1874 fire. The present, 500 building, sprung up in the ashes soon after. In 1916, the building became the headquarters of The Reuter Seed Company. This building was bought in 1969 by the Dupepe Family, completing the size of The Hotel Provincial.



Some of haunted buildings listed on this site were military hospitals, whether in large buildings or individual homes.

Some of the buildings which make up the Hotel Provincial were used as parts of a Civil War Confederate Hospital, where many soldiers died of their wounds.

Entities who haunt one building that suffers a demise, or is torn down, have been known to stick around and haunt the next building which is constructed on the land.

In the case of the hauntings in building 500, soldier entities from both the 18th and 19th century are haunting the third building that was constructed on this land.



Entities who are still reliving their pain and wounds of the body and heart are here, in certain rooms, and especially in Building 500.


The brave, highly decorated entity of a soldier, dressed in a military uniform has a heavy heart

Not done with his business here in this world:

When a private seance was held in this room, he obligingly appeared in a solid form and tried to speak to them, telling what was on his heart.

An EVP that was recorded, implored the living to tell his girlfriend Diane that he has to go.

Another EVP taken by another investigator, fills in more of his story. Diane loved another man, not this soldier and he needed to leave.

All is not gloom and doom. He entertains himself by listening to the room’s radio, playing music that he loves: rock music. Whenever the radio is turned to another station, he simply, with patience, just turns it back to what he wants to listen to.


The entity of a soldier who is wearing a 1930s Khaki military uniform inhabits this room.

He too loves music and listens to country music on the room’s radio.

This entity has been known to appear boldly to guests, making eye contact before he disappears.

This entity keeps a close eye on the living, perhaps making sure they don’t take the towels or other souvenirs! Guests in this room have reported the feeling of being watched, and have felt cold spots. Sometimes this entity allows the living to catch his image on camera.

Building 5

Has many paranormal hot spots of activity.

Second floor – Witnesses have seen a garish Civil War hospital scene for a moment, when the elevator opened up. Probably the result of residual energy.

Guests and maids have noticed blood stains that appear and disappear at will on bedding in some rooms.

Entities of doctors and wounded soldiers have made themselves visible to the living, sometimes reaching out for help. Moans and groans of the wounded are heard.



Yes indeed!



1024 Chartres Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Hotel Provincial can be found in the heart of New Orleans, near the corner of St. Philip and Chartres Street, two blocks east of Bourbon Street, and one block west of Decatur, not far from the Mississippi River.



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