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Built in 1920 for Senators and Assembly Representatives while they were in session in Topeka.

Topeka legend claims that this Hotel has spirit residents…

Shadows and both male and female apparitions may be seen walking in various places.




“It Feels Like Home.”   “More like a bed and breakfast!”   “Wonderful, attentive service.”

senate-hotel-paranormalWow! Tom and I visited this property and were most impressed with the outside buildings and landscaping. It earns the praises as being one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Topeka!

Inside, The Senate Luxury Suites are lovely, quaint, classy, nostalgic historic place with a lot of space, including a balcony. They were built for politicians and others who expected top accommodations. The Senate Luxury Suites Hotel still offers pleasing accommodations. One guest described the luxury suites as suites with ample space and with delightful features as well. “My room had a walk-in closet (plus another closet) and a separate sitting area with a love seat, table and chairs, fridge, and microwave.” This guest even had french doors leading to her balcony.

The Senate Luxury Suites Hotel offer a newly remodeled Fitness Center that offers “a wide variety of workout equipment.” They also have lovely event banquet/event room and a separate lounge for events. On their website they state “The banquet hall is perfect for rehearsal dinners and receptions, offering flexible food and beverage rules to allow for outside catering, and a friendly staff who pledge to exceed your expectations. In addition to the main event space, we also offer a separate lounge, equipped with couches, chairs and tables, tv’s and a bar area. This space is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, and other intimate gatherings.”


Senate Luxury Suites Hotel was built in 1920 with the purpose of being a collection of long-term stay luxury apartments for Senators and Assembly Representatives while they were in session at the Topeka Capitol building that was merely a block or so away. Also important visitors with business at the Capitol building stayed here as well. They began as very high end apartments with a common meeting spaces plus all the amenities that important people would expect. They were built to be very spacious, with walk-in closets, in-door bathrooms, electric lights, separate sitting area, balconies, table and chairs, a small kitchen and some sort of refrigerator; Butane or electric. Bedrooms were spacious and very appealing.

This property has been kept up with modern amenities and maintained throughout its nearly 100 year old history because it has been in constant use by Senators, Legislators, government folks and Topeka State Capitol visitors. Even though the neighborhood is now mostly lower income, the location of the Senate Luxury Hotel is in a prime location so close to the Topeka Capitol building.

The Senate Luxury apartments at some time in their history changed their name to The Senate Luxury Suites Hotel as they began to serve everyday travelers as well as State Capitol folks who were given the opportunity to experience all the fine amenities and classic service provided by the staff.

Some former guests now in spirit form are suspected of still staying for free, with perhaps a few dedicated spectral employees looking after them.



Topeka legend claims that this Senate Luxury Suites Hotel has spirit residents; perhaps former guests and perhaps spectral employees not on the payroll. While no facts about these supposed hauntings have been published on line that I could find, here are some possible candidates who might still be here. Looking at other stories on, here are some educated guesses about who possibly could be here.

Politicians and people involved in state governments often liked to stay in apartments and hotels located near the state capitols. In various places outside of the official offices away from listening ears, politicians have found rooms to go over new political ideas or moves.

Perhaps politicians got together here in some private place like an apt or two and are still discussing strategies because they enjoyed doing so while alive.

Many high-class hotels offered the services of call girls under the table during the early part of the 20th century. Perhaps government folks brought prostitutes back to their apartments for a roll in the hay. Many prostitutes met a premature death via botched abortions, illness, or at their own hands.

Perhaps the spirit of a prostitute who died doing her line of work is not ready to stop working just yet or is looking for the man who wouldn’t leave his wife for her.

Public servants who die suddenly with no warning (accident, murder or illness) sometimes don’t want to retire from their elected position because they have something important to do or they just love their job and not ready to move on just yet.

If a Senator or Assembly member died before giving an important speech may still be preparing it in his or her room. Sometimes spirits loved their employment so much that they may decide to stay and continue on what they used to do the best they can in spirit form. Perhaps a former maid, bellhop, cook or front desk concierge is still at work, trying not to let being in spirit form get in the way of enjoying the job they had in this world.



Possible Activity

Perhaps spirits have been seen meeting in one of the common areas or in a former apartment now a suite. Chairs may be found in a circle like a discussion was going on.

The usual signs of spirit activity may be present: lights and doors have a mind of their own, foot falls and disembodied voices from unseen presences are heard, objects may move around a room.

Shadows and both male and female apparitions may be seen walking in various places, going about their business at hand.


Unknown – No personal experiences or hard evidence caught has been shared in either written material or on the internet.

Though, these Senate Luxury Suites have had the reputation for a long time that spirits were still there, and there may be some truth in this Topeka Legend. Many old historic buildings are likely to have a visiting or resident spirit haunting their favorite place in The Senate Luxury Suites Hotel: still trying to accomplish unfinished speeches, enjoying the spectral political discussions, still enjoying their jobs at the hotel or looking for love that was denied.

No personal experiences that may have happened at some time or present have been reported and no hard evidence that may have been caught at some point hasn’t been made public.




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