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The living are treated to the full menu of paranormal experiences both day and night!



masonic-temple-paranormalPalmer Family and Chiropractic History Museum (Originally the Old Masonic Temple building)

Old Masonic Temple, now called The Vicki Palmer Hall, is the home of the Palmer Family and Chiropractic History Museum. It is an immense, four story, gray cement block, bland-yet-impressive building with Greek touches; built to last until the end of time.

This structure does indeed make a great spot for a museum, where Palmer College can put on display on various floors their student’s and faculty’s accomplishments, and the study of Chiropractic itself, helping to promote Palmer College of Chiropractic to visitors and other interested parties.

It is free to the public  to encourage folks to come and check out many of the interesting exhibits on display that tell the story of this form of treatment for realigning bones and other exhibits relating to skeletal issues.



ThE OLD MASONIC TEMPLE; formerly Lyceum Hall & Museum, and now Palmer Family and Chiropractic History Museum was constructed in 1922, when Masons in Davenport realized that they needed a new building. This new Masonic Temple opened its doors on November 19th, 1923 and was dedicated as Davenport Lodge No. 37; a lodge of Master Masons with 400 members, many of whom were policemen.

In 1996, Masonic Temple Building was sold to Palmer College, because of the high cost of upkeep and other circumstances. This sale made sense, as Palmer College boundaries had grown southward; 7th Street being its new southern boarder.

This old temple building is just across the street from the Pi Kappa Chi House, and The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, which is a strategic spot for a museum, and perhaps a fancy event location or lecture hall.



People who have to sell their beloved structure because of unforeseen circumstances, sometimes like to come back to the structure as spirits to enjoy what they had to give up.

Hartford-Twain House Museum, CT (Family tragedy and money mismanagement force Mark Twain to sell the family’s beloved home).

Waverley House, VA (A banker was falsely accused of embezzling money and had to sell his beloved home and leave town).

Clayton/Frick Mansion, PA (A daughter, Helen, and three other children was born in this beloved family home. When her father moved the family to New York City, both Helen and her mother dearly missed this special place).

Old Masonic Temple Building, IA (The Masons had to sell their beloved building because they didn’t have the membership to support such a gigantic building and had to settle for something smaller).

Groups of men found in various traditional organizations for men (military, police, gangsters, Masons etc.) have experienced male bonding on an intense level, which creates a loyalty and commitment that can even outlast a life span.The bonding with others which they grew to depend on, for a satisfaction that would be hard to replace.

USS Livingston, TX (The spirits of those who lost their lives here are committed to their ship and continue to do their assigned jobs they had while alive; even helping out in the maintenance department).

USS Hornet; Sea, Air and Space Museum, CA ( As this USS Hornet was in the midst of a lot of hot battle action, some of the 300 who were killed  still are on duty, enjoying each other’s company and continue on in their old assignments; remembering their fond experiences of this ship).

The Comedy Store, CA (Men who had bonded on a Mofia crew still enjoy watching the shows, and remember their good times and carry on with their old duties).

Old Masonic Temple Building, IA (Spirits of Masons still enjoy their special bonding, while going about the building continuing on in their duties, their ceremonies and probably card playing).

Some individuals find new jobs to do that will help the living as they an still work together and be helpful in this world.

Brumder Mansion, WI (Besides remembering their good times, the Mafia crew of Sam Pick have found ways to help the living; kick out negative spirits that move into the mansion, keep an eye on paranormal investigators, and become the unseen security detail for the living).

USS Iowa, CA (Men who died in a non-combat explosion are still together on board this Aircraft Carrier Museum, stepping in to help both the people who do maintenance, docents, and the occasional clumsy tourist).

USS Sullivan Brothers, NY (The five souls of the Sullivan brothers stuck together here on this ship named in their honor as all five died  in a naval battle that sunk their original battleship. They have worked together to protect the sailors assigned here over the years, and even try to help this Naval Museum that was established after the ship was decommissioned).

Old Masonic Temple Building, IA (The spirits of the masons work together still in their old temple on duties that we don’t know about but sometimes the results are seen. They probably do this best to secure the building and do their best to be friendly to the security guards, perhaps helping them to make their rounds; ready to step in to help if there was any trouble. Many of the spirits were policemen while alive. They may also keep an eye on the visitors to be sure they don’t take anything or disturb the exhibits).



All of the paranormal activity which takes place in this building, has been boiled down to one sentence by other web sites; “Many types of haunting phenomenon at all hours of the day” have been reported by the college’s security staff.

What does this statement mean?

It means that the living are treated to the full menu of paranormal experiences, both day and night, probably caught on the building’s security system, if not directly experienced by staff or visitors to the museum, all night and day long.  They apparently still know how to keep busy and have fun in their after-life!

As not many details are made public, the following paranormal activities may be happening here, according to other stories listed on hauntedhouses.com.

Paranormal occurrences which could be experienced:

Visual Activity by Unseen Spirits

Moving objects, items winding up in odd places for chuckles or because the place chosen is a better spot for that item in someone’s opinion.

Furniture rearrangement for meetings, small group meetings and for group activities like fellowship and card playing.

Lights going off and on.

Doors opening by themselves.

Other electrical items have a mind of their own.

Auditory Activity

Foot steps of unseen presences are probably heard distinctly all over this huge building.

Odd noises, disembodied voices in discussion, or the calling out of names of the security guards may occur.

Tactile/ Sensory Activity

Being touched by an unseen presence.

Noticing the strong aroma of cigars.

Noticing cold spots, cool breezes not coming from the air conditioning or natural wind source.

Having the feeling of being watched.

You can see me!

Actual visual sightings of spirits who appear in a variety of forms: solid, see-through, or just body parts that appear in front of a person or persons.

Weird moving lights seen in places all over the building.


People have experienced paranormal activity around the clock; probably being the most active during the evening hours after the museum is closed and they have the building to themselves except for the brave security guards.

Security cameras offer clear evidence of a spirit person or spirits unknown; still enjoying their good times as Masons.

No paranormal investigations have been allowed inside, probably because the college doesn’t want people coming to see the spirits, bu to learn all about the science of Chiropractic medicine.



Yes indeed!

The Masons loved their large, beautiful building where they had many good times, and planned a lot of  community work to help the unfortunate. They are benign spirits who love fun and still get together in groups for fun and creating projects for their community.

They are a benign and friendly lot, and may find a kinship with the security guards. I bet they would ask them to join their organization if these spirits were still alive.  They may keep them company on the security rounds, in case there is trouble.

Perhaps one of the reasons the college changed the name of their fine museum is not only to  honor the very special person, Vicki Palmer but to try to out-run their haunted reputation.



7th and Brady Street,
Davenport, Iowa 52803

The old Davenport Lodge No. 37 building, now known as Lyceum Hall & Museum can be found on 7th Street and Brady Street.

The Palmer Family and Chiropractic History Museum; formerly the old Davenport Lodge No. 37 building is Located at 115 W. 7th Street, Davenport, Iowa, near Brady Street. This huge structure can’t be missed.




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