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The Indiana Memorial Union – It is a comfortable and
relaxing place for both the living and the dead.

The Career Developmental Center – Abortions were
performed here before it was legal. Hauntings resulted.

Read Residence Hall – A domestic violence murder has
caused an active, interactive haunting.

School stress caused another rash act!

Lilly Library – Spirits are still connected to rare books,
manuscripts and special collections on display.




The Indiana Memorial Union is the University’s 500,000-square-foot college union, making it one of the world’s largest college unions. This campus centerpiece has been a place where students go to study, relax, eat, bowl, watch a movie, and even to shop. It has also been the favorite place in the past for students to kill themselves, before mental health services were available. There are high places to jump off of.


The Career Development Center

The Career Development Center is located in a building on the west side of N. Jordan Avenue, almost directly across from the current Health Center. Perhaps this building was the original health services building. It is said that a doctor performed abortions for frightened pregnant coeds before abortion was legalized in the 1970s.


Read Residence Hall

Indiana University groups its resident dorms into sections known as Neighborhoods. It can be found in the Southeast Neighborhood, housing for undergraduate & graduate students. This area is on southeast corner of campus near the Schools of Music and Education, the Musical Arts Center, the IU Auditorium and the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center. This neighborhood houses undergraduate and graduate students.

Read Residence Hall is one of three dorms (Forest & Willkie being the other two in this Southeast Neighborhood.) It is a coed, undergraduate 6 floor residence hall of four buildings (wings) connected by a central hub. Features include: Dance & Music Practice Rooms, Movies, Music & More, Read Dining Hall and Hoosier Cafe.

History: Read Hall was once a men’s dorm, then a women’s dorm and is now coed. In one of the third floor rooms, late night drama between a fighting young couple went over the top when a medical student stabbed his girlfriend in the throat in a fit of rage/frustration, causing the girl to quickly bleed to death. He hid her body in one of the deserted tunnels underneath the hall, but confessed later to police.


Lilly Library (Rare books and manuscripts)

The Lilly Library is the principal rare books, manuscripts, and special collections repository of Indiana University, serving as a resource for scholars throughout the world as well as a center of cultural enrichment. The Library is open to anyone interested in its collections.

Main Gallery – serves as a reception point for those wishing to use the Reading Room. The exhibitions in this gallery, which change every three to four months, highlight central themes in the Library’s collections

The Lincoln Room – displays Joseph Benjamin Oakleaf’s grand collection of Lincoln materials. Oakleaf was a great collector of Lincolniana.

The Ball Room – One finds on display Elisabeth W. Ball’s collection of historical children’s books, which were presented to the Lilly Library in 1983 by the George and Frances Ball Foundation.

The Ellison Room – Displays a small portion of the Robert S. Ellison’s books and manuscripts documenting the westward expansion of the United States, presented to Indiana University by his widow as a memorial in 1946. Reading Room – J. K. Lilly, Jr. gave his library to Indiana University, including a number of portraits of writers whose books he had collected.

The library contains many collections held dear by people who have passed on. Many items in the displays are very old relics used by people of long ago.



Indiana Memorial Union

Several entities haunt the building as they found that committing suicide didn’t help their problems.

A dog also haunts the place.

Career Development Center

Entities of aborted babies/children who were aborted long ago are said to haunt the building. Cries of a woman can be heard.

Read Hall

The entity of a young woman described as having long black hair, wearing a blood-tinged yellow nightgown haunts the third floor room where she was killed so quickly. Same entity also haunts the hallways and in other parts of the building as well.

Long ago, when Reed Hall was a women’s dorm, an R.A. known as Paula, who lived on the 6th floor, buckled under the stress of school life, committing suicide by throwing herself down the stairs. On December 12th, one can hear an entity scream, as it falls down these stairs.

Lilly Library

It isn’t surprising that the library is visited by an entity or two checking up on their prized collections.

Some items may be haunted by a past owner.


It seems to be.



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Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Bloomington is located 53 miles south of Indianapolis, about 1 hour and 14 minutes.



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