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Spirits with unhappy deaths sometimes linger…




It is described as a premiere, Forbes Four-Star rated, AAA Four Diamond award convention hotel. One can guess that within its common rooms and 1,641 rooms and suites that spread over its 31 floors, the guest/visitor will find within this custom-built Orlando hotel features, amenities and spaces that not only cater to the meeting and convention industries, but also to the higher class tourist trade as well. Some services and amenities are bundled into one price, to make it more convenient to guests.

Looking at the Tripadvisor reviews, Peabody Hotel Orlando has had their share of small issues, that they have taken seriously and have worked diligently to remedy, to provide top service. They have worked hard to provide friendly customer service, a list of fine amenities, and comfortable rooms with a new, improved WiFi for lab tops.

Open since 1986, The Peabody Hotel Orlando is described as being “a masterpiece of contemporary design, with luxurious décor and furnishings.” The wow factor is definitely felt and experienced in this very upscale, top-drawer hotel. As stated on their website, “Soaring marble halls, stately palm trees, cascading waterfalls, exotic orchids, priceless art and artifacts, combine to form the perfect backdrop. ”

The top three floors, known as The Peabody Club, are reserved for premiere room stays, and private events and parties, and enjoy their own private access elevator. The view must be spectacular as well! Penthouse suites enjoy a ceiling to floor windows that give a spectacular view. People are pampered with everything they could possible need. Some rooms even have a Juliet Balcony.

Like their sister hotel in Memphis, the hotel has the same tradition of the March of The Peabody Ducks. Somewhere on the upper floors, probably in the Peabody Club area, there is a 100,000 dollar Royal Penthouse Duck Palace, where everyday at 11:00 am, the 5 Mallard ducks; a drake and his 4 hens waddle into their special elevator. They proceed down to the main lobby, where they dive into or sit by the main fountain, and swim around for the rest of the day. At 5 pm, they retire to their elevator, and return to their Royal Penthouse Duck Palace. There is a Duckmaster, to attend to their needs and comfort.


There appears to be a downside to being such a fabulous, high style hotel, though.

Since it opened, The Peabody Hotel Orlando has been seen by emotionally troubled people as the perfect place to end an unhappy, hopeless life, and has had more than its share of suicides. It seems to be a place to go out in style.

Tall buildings of hotels, schools, and public buildings seem to attract the mentally unbalanced, and the emotionally distraught, who are looking for a place to end their lives, hoping to find peace on the other side, though they seldom do so.




General Activity

Cold spots have been felt in various parts of the hotel, and actually are suddenly felt on bodies of guests/staff as well.

Unsettled Spirits

Entities of people who killed themselves at the Peabody Hotel Orlando.

Wandering apparitions of bewildered ghosts have been seen by guests and staff, in the hallways and lobby of the hotel.


OrlandoPerhaps so. While there is a serious lack of public reports of hard evidence caught, and the personal experiences in print are very general with no specifics, it is true that people who die by suicide have the tendency to be restless, lonely and confused, and wander about, sometimes seeking human contact, which what is suggested by the general reports published online.

The Peabody Hotel Orlando hasn’t allowed any investigations done there published, as they feel it would do a disservice to the hotel, that they have worked so hard to keep at a high level of quality.

Slim pickings of reports and documentation of paranormal activity are available for public consumption. Guests have reported what they have experienced in a general manner, and employees are not talking about any activity, because they like their jobs and want to continue to eat!



Peabody Hotel Orlando
9801 International Drive,
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 352-4000

The visitor can find the Peabody Hotel Orlando, in a prime spot along the beach front, and directly across the street from the main entrance of The Orange County Convention Center. Peabody Hotel Orlando is 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport (MCO), and just a short drive from such places as Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Orlando.



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