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The first owner still is front & center; even correcting decor mistakes.

A murder victim still relives her fate.

Active, enthusiastic spectral employees volunteer.

Former guests still enjoy what they loved here.

WW2 Soldiers enjoy the perks and get their jollies by teasing.




WOW! This hotel knocked our socks off! What a beautiful sandstone, yellow brick historic Italian Renaissance hotel, complete with two bell towers. Hotel Colorado shines like it did when Walter Devereux was in charge. Walking into the simple yet classy historic lobby, complete with columns, was truly like stepping back into time. Early 20th century restored armchairs, floor lamps, desks, arts and crafts type woodwork, huge fireplace, large ceiling to floor Victorian windows with flowing draperies greet the visitor. There it is, at the far end of the large lobby, a picture of Walter Devereux in a place of honor, hanging on the wall, over the huge fireplace.

The patio area off the large rectangular lobby is truly beautiful and peaceful with plants, a lovely fountain, and tables to sit at for a snack or meal, a drink, or to just relax.

The Hotel Colorado has stayed in such great shape because of the dedication of its owners, its ability to keep up with the changing desires of its guests, and its fabulous location; close to ski areas, and recreation areas, and the hot springs. The basement area is fully developed and is the home for a spa, chiropractor’s office, outdoor excursion office, retail businesses and a storage area for the hotel.

Their literature proclaims that Hotel Colorado “features 80 classic rooms, from $83.00 (military and government workers) and up, 20 family rooms and 30 luxury suites, ranging from $369.00 to $675.00.

Each bell tower has its own executive suites, that are still attracting the higher paying guest at $369.00 a night; as of August 6, 2015. The Molly Brown Suite is truly lovely. “If you desire complete privacy with breath-taking views and all the comforts of home, this is the suite for you. Enjoy your own living room, dining room, private bedroom with one queen bed and bath. There is a wet bar, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. Relax in the whirlpool bathtub. Enjoy two balconies with panoramic views of Glenwood Springs.”

The Devereux Suite, another beautiful space, that has three bed rooms, three baths, a huge living room, a dining room; (with antique table seating for 8), a wet bar, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. Aimed at family reunions or large families, the cost is $419.00 a night.



Walter Devereux was a mover and a shaker; an entrepreneur who knew how to work positively with people, how to create wealth through market managing, and how to run businesses very successfully. A graduate of both Columbia and Princeton, he received his masters in engineering. In 1883, Walter got his start managing Aspen Smelting Company, where he invented many new ways to streamline the silver smelting process.

Walter Devereux also used his knowledge and skills to develop the coal fields of Jerome Park, and started the first hydro-electric power plant. He then formed The Glenwood Light and Water Company, that provided services to the town of Glenwood Springs where he had moved with his family; his wife and three sons.

At one point in his education Walter had thought about becoming a doctor. He still had an interest in helping people. When Walter noticed that the Glenwood Hot Springs were helping the coal miners with their ailments, he constructed a health spa and made the first hot springs public swimming pool that was always at 85 degrees year round. In 1888, this 500 ft swimming pool was christened the Natatorium and opened for business.

People flocked to this pool, creating the need for more accommodations. This gave Mr. Devereux the idea to build a 5 star resort hotel of his dreams; a rich man or woman’s getaway, adjacent to this public pool.

The inspiration for this glorious hotel was Italy’s Renaissance Castle Villa de Medici, that Walter must have seen in his early European travels. The location of Hotel Colorado was right by the hot springs, yet situated in a spot that enjoyed the cool mountain breezes that came from the Rockies. Besides using the finest materials and craftsmen to create a place of beauty, Walter put in a fountain in the outside garden that shot 180 feet in the air, courtesy of the near-by hot springs water. The Hotel Colorado had its own private spa in its basement.

Hotel Colorado opened in 1893, offering a full service stay, with 190 lovely, luxurious guest rooms. The rate for a fancy suite with all the bells and whistles was priced at a whopping $3 a night, while other rooms were offered at a $1 to $2 rate. The hotel had two bell towers, that each had a high class, luxury suite, that the richest of the rich stayed in; such people as the “unsinkable Molly Brown.”

Presidents loved to stay here, as well as many other rich and famous people. Some wealthy more shady people also fell in love with the Hotel Colorado. During the ’20s and ’30s, the gangsters, who were well behaved in this high class joint came here to rest and enjoy its comforts. Al Capone, Diamond Back Jack Alterie, the Verain Brothers and others came here to “lay low”. When those wily lawmen would raid the Hotel Colorado several times to try to arrest Al Capone, Al always escaped by taking the hydraulic lift down to the basement and going out the outside door. This lift was normally used to take supplies up to the main floor.

From 1943-1946, the hotel was leased to the military, to be a hospital for over 6,000 wounded soldiers. Many large hotels, like The Biltmore were used for this purpose during World War II.

In 1977, The Hotel Colorado was added to The National Registrar of Historical Places. The National Trust’s Historic Hotels of America added the Hotel Colorado to its list in April, 2007.

Unlike other huge, historic luxury hotels, the Hotel Colorado was never allowed to go through a funky period, becoming an expensive fixer-upper opportunity. The Hotel Colorado has always been owned by business savvy people who found a way to stay up with the restoration, renovation and upkeep challenges. Walter Devereux must be well-pleased! Other people from the past that have a connection to this great old Dame of the Rockies, are also very happy.



People who build their dream building, whether it is their home or business like an inn, hotel or theatre, sometimes like to visit or stay when they pass over into the spirit world, to keep an eye on things; willing to become involved with the living, if necessary. Perhaps they are a little worried about how the owners will take care of their earthly dream structure. If they have to give up their treasured home or business due to money issues, illness or legal problems, they will probably want to spend time there when they are in spirit form.

The Entity of Walter Devereux, the original owner and founder, is still keeping a close eye on his dream hotel, while enjoying it still. When he had his stroke in his fifties that paralyzed his left arm, he was prevented from ever going back to Hotel Colorado and had to retire from the mining business.

Patrons of a business who have had great memories and good times, finding a respite from the daily grind, like to continue to visit or spend their after-life there after passing from this world into the spirit realm.

Apparently, former guests in spirit form are not only enjoying their memories, the beautiful hotel itself, but all the new amenities that the 21st century has to offer.

Children who lose their lives in this world, often like to stay in this world, visiting or residing in places where they felt comfortable and liked.

People who get involved with love triangles and/or adultery, risk paying a deadly price in the end A chambermaid was murdered in a jealous rage by one of her two lovers who had found out about her other romantic relationship.

Buildings or other places that have had morgues located on their premises, often have spirits still there, especially if the place has appeal to them. During WWII, the Hotel Colorado became a military hospital. When some of the wounded died of their injuries, their bodies were taken to the hotel’s basement that was the make-shift morgue.

Some men who died when Hotel Colorado was a military hospital have made the basement their home, as well as enjoying the rooms on the third, fourth and fifth floors; perhaps getting some chuckles at the expense of CPPI female investigators and other guests.

Loyal employees who enjoyed their jobs immensely, sometimes choose to carry on, not letting the fact that they are dead stop them. Evidence of such employees of the past has been noticed by the living, especially in the dining room and the kitchen.



Entity of Walter Devereux

His picture hangs in a prominent place in the lobby.

Walter makes his presence known by his signature aroma; cigar smoke. This means that he has appeared on occasion, with the aroma of cigar smoke, probably to some startled staff member; linking the aroma to Walter Devereux.

His cigar smoke is noticed in the lobby, though there is no smoking allowed for the living guests inside. His unseen presence can be felt by sensitives in the lobby. Being the founder and first owner does have its privileges.

Walter still visits his old office that was probably located in the basement, because his cigar smoke is noticed in the basement and doors to rooms that were locked, are mysteriously unlocked.

Walter has favorite rooms as well, because the cigar smoke is noticed when he is present.

Devereux may be in spirit form, but he will let the living know of decor mistakes.

In 1982, during a renovation period, the wallpaper in room 551 really needed to be replaced. The wallpaper was rolled on, which took a day to do. The door was locked securely so no one living could enter. The next day, the workers found that all the wallpaper had been carefully rolled off the walls, and was sitting neatly rolled up on the floor. Nothing was ruined or wasted. After several more attempts, they still found the paper rolled up on the floor. Thinking that a spirit person with some clout in the decor department was trying to give them a message, several wallpaper samples were left on the bed over night.

Sure enough, only one roll of sample paper was left on the bed, while the others were found neatly on the floor. Going with the flow, the chosen paper was put on the walls, and it was still there the next morning. This time, Walter didn’t have to make a physical appearance because the living were smart enough to figure it out.

I think that this spirit is Walter Devereux, for two reasons:

The critique of the wallpaper that happened in this incident, indicates that it was a spirit with authority who thinks he has the final say, because he was a past owner. If the spirit was just a guest, he/she probably wouldn’t have done what this spirit did.

This spirit is apparently very patient with the living. He hasn’t forgotten how to work with people. Over his lifetime, Walter developed patience with people as he worked, organizing projects and instigating new business with mining owners and utilities.

Entities of Past Guests

Former spirit guests and perhaps former military patients who also qualified as guests, apparently have flocked to the third, fourth and fifth floor, as the activity there is the highest. Rooms 321, and 551 are two of the hot spots.

The elevator goes up and down by itself. It has been checked out and nothing is malfunctioning.

Modern day lights are also fun to play with, and these fascinated spirit guests will turn them on and off during the middle of the night, disturbing the living guests trying to sleep.

Both the staff and guests have experienced apparitions in the halls and rooms, objects are moved around the room, and strange sounds are also heard.

Plus, guests from the past really enjoy the TV; changing channels when people are already watching a program or trying to sleep.

The entity of a young girl, her see-through appearance wearing a Victorian dress, has been reported being seen all over the hotel playing with a ball.

Some of the most luxurious suites, such as 651 and 652, also are enjoyed by former guests in spirit form. Both of the bell tower suites are visited by rich, but more polite spirit guests. The bell tower suite, named after Molly Brown, is the most active one.

A male apparition likes Room 551 and has been seen in there and in the hallway outside. People have experienced the usual list of benign paranormal experiences in this room.

Former employees who think they are still on the Hotel Colorado payroll!

Former employees in spirit form who worked in the kitchen and dining area:

Sounds of unseen dishes being moved, and stacked, and the odd behavior of pots and pans in the kitchen suggest that someone unseen is still on kitchen staff at the Hotel Colorado.


Former employees in spirit form who provided room service:

Present day guests are still getting phantom knocks on their doors, and notice unknown aromas of probably prepared food from unseen bell-hops trying to provide room service.

A female entity dressed in Victorian attire

She has been seen in the dining room, accompanied with the scent of perfume. People know she is there, even when she isn’t visible because of her chosen perfume aroma.

She also likes to watch men sleeping in her favorite hotel rooms and suites. They awake to see her and smell her perfume.

Entity of Murdered Maid

Not a happy haunting.

The spirit of the young woman still relives her murder, and her screams have been heard in her old room, on the floor where she died and throughout the hotel. Because of all the paranormal activity in her room, the room became a storage room; not open to the public.


There have been so many experiences with Hotel Colorado’s spirit people that a book was written in 1995 by Kathy Fleming, called Apparition Manor:True Ghost Stories of the Hotel Colorado. New Castle, CO: Twin Aspen. Unfortunately, it is out of print as of 2015, but you can buy it on Amazon for $42!

CCPI Paranormal Investigations did an investigation at the Hotel Colorado in 2006, and caught some hard evidence of the spirits, and had personal experiences as well, with a playful, mischievous spirit, that I think was probably a young male entity who died of his war wounds. Dead soldiers have the tendency to be playful and like to tease the living. Check out their report on their website.



A big YES INDEED! Lots of spirits are still enjoying their favorite hotel, the Hotel Colorado. Tons of personal experiences have been reported, from staff and guests. Groups like CCPI have found out for themselves as well, capturing convincing evidence and having those personal experiences.

The mischievous spirits that happily play with the lights and TV sets may well be the soldiers who died of their wounds; enjoying this beautiful hotel while they are not in pain anymore, and getting their chuckles at the same time. ( General Wayne Inn )

Other spirits are former guests, who are enjoying their memories, the current beauty around them, and even stay in their former favorite rooms.

Walter Devereux in spirit form is still enjoying his hotel, and on occasion helps the living with decor decisions. Spirit people who worked in the kitchen and food service, are still hard at work in their favorite place of employment.

In the case of the murdered chambermaid, perhaps some intervention using a medium could help her let go of her terrifying death and move on to the other side where she will find peace.



526 Pine Street
Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601
(800) 544-3998


The Hotel Colorado is located sixty miles from Denver, Colorado, in the resort town of Glenwood Springs; A small 4.8 mile town that was built in the small valley where the Colorado River and the Roaring Fork River meet. It is surrounded on all sides with steep red sandstone cliffs. It catches the cool mountain breezes from the near-by Rockies.



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