Hearthstone Inn

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A rambunctious child spirit is a handful for the living.

Other entities get their chuckles in mild and surprising ways.




This 3 story, charming Victorian B & B Inn, is made up of two connected 1887 Victorian homes, offering 25 rooms for its guests. Whoever attached these two homes did a fabulous job! The old study, library and other rooms has been made into guest rooms, which are nicely decorated, and some have fireplaces.

One guest gave a review on tripadvisor.com and explained about their Study Bedroom. “We stayed in the ‘Study’ with a huge brass bed, fireplace, reading alcove and a separate “anti-room” for our two children. Cookies, and a wide assortment of beverages are served nightly in the large parlor and we enjoyed breakfast in the restaurant which is in the restored house next door (attached). This B&B is full of history and charm and a very welcome relief from cookie cutter hotel chains.”



Old homes often come with unseen residents.

The mischievous entity of the little girl, who must have been a handful when she was alive, causes most of the trouble around the inn.



Entity of Little Girl

Staff and guests have seen a rambunctious apparition of a little girl who likes to run through both houses, laughing loudly, like any exuberant live child full of energy would do!

Pictures and decorations hung securely on the walls also have been known to lift off their hooks and propel themselves, flying into the room.

Items on shelves also are pushed or pulled off by an unseen presence.

Other Entities?

Other entities may be keeping her company!

In various rooms and areas in both houses, the living have reported feeling unexplained cold spots which cause goose bumps and sometime shivers.

These unknown entities (or entity) like to get their chuckles as well, sometimes doing things to surprise the living, with the effect of giving a fright but never in a threatening manner.



Someone’s little angel still resides in these two houses. She may have lost her way to the other side, but she is entertaining herself. Perhaps members of her family have stayed behind as well, or other entities attached to these homes may keep her company.

Haunted Times magazine is offering a series of seminars on hunting ghosts. The Hearthstone Inn in Colorado Springs is on the list.

“We teach people how to use their own cameras and video cameras to get results,” said senior editor Christopher Moon.



506 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
(616) 844-7176 * Toll-Free: (800) 521-1885

The Hearthstone Inn is within walking distance of downtown Colorado Springs, a wonderful bookstore and bakery, and the Colorado College.


Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr

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