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Some servants of the Lord are still serving, even in their afterlife phase.



Also known as the San Carlos Cathedral, the Royal Presidio Chapel was built in 1770 and became the chapel for the Monterey Presidio in 1795. It has been serving the community of Monterey nonstop ever since, for over 200 years! A church school and a rectory were also built later to expand services. It has been renovated as need arises and well kept up over the years. It still has all the cultural charm, Spanish architecture, beautiful stain glass windows and inspiring altar, unchanged by the society surrounding it.




Ghostly occurrences didn’t start until the 1920s.

The Royal Presidio Chapel

Many witnesses have seen a lighted candle float by itself in the sanctuary, up and down the aisles, and in front of the altar.

Some have come face-to-face with the apparition of a priest who served in the Royal Presidio Chapel in the 1920s until he died unexpectedly.

The bells have been known to toll in the middle of the night, without the help of the living. A group of teenagers who were talking at the nearby high school, heard the bells and went to investigate, finding no one there ringing them.

The Old Rectory Building

This two story building is next to the Royal Presidio Chapel and is the home to several entities, who do their best to look after the living, as they can’t bring themselves to let go of this world and pass on to the other side.

In one case, a woman who was up to her eyeballs in work was focusing diligently in one of the offices on the task at hand. She felt an unseen hand gently placed on her, as if to give her encouragement in her endeavors.

In another case, after getting back from an outing with a group of young people from the high school, an employee went to his office in the rectory to finish up some necessary paperwork. As he became engrossed with his work at his desk, his desk light suddenly turned itself off. He thought seriously about going home, but instead turned the light back on, determined to finish. Again, it turned itself off. Taking the hint from his unseen, concerned supervisor, he went home without delay.

Other unusual occurrences include: Footsteps from unseen entities have been heard, rocking chairs move by themselves, curtains are seen moving without the help of a breeze or the living, stairs creak,and unexplained rattling sounds are heard.



Some servants of the Lord are still serving the living, even in their after-life phase.



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