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Well-done renovations were well received by the spirit world.

The Nob Hill Inn is bursting with paranormal activity, that is full of fun and jokes!




This elegant, 3-story, green, ornate, turn-of-the-century Edwardian Mansion with classic San Francisco bay windows was built in the ritzy Nob Hill area in 1907. The Nob Hill Inn’s decorum has the European touch and it is known as a “boutique hotel.” The inn, its interior and furniture manages to blend very nicely “French elegance — Louis XV and XVI period pieces with the Victorian charm of a London townhouse.”

Besides having a “nicely appointed lobby with a glassed-in European-style lift,” a lovely dining room and parlor, the Inn has twenty-one guest rooms and 1 or 2 room suites, all carefully “furnished with hand-picked antiques: beautifully carved chairs, burled wood armoires inlaid with exotic woods, [and] graceful four poster and brass beds.” There are also tile-faced fireplaces in most of the rooms. And we can’t forget to mention the claw-foot tubs, frosted glass, turn-of-the-century sofas, and of course, love seats!

Some modern, functional items appreciated by 21st century guests include the telephone, color television and hair dryer.




Nob Hill was first settled sometime in the 1800s, only after the trolley car was invented, by people who had made their fortunes in the gold rush. The view of the city was fantastic, and the trolley car solved the problem of the steep angle of the streets.

Then a second wave of wealthy people came and built more grand mansions in the late 1800s as a result of the fortunes made from the Comstock lode in Nevada. Nothing was spared, as the best materials were used, and some very grand mansions were built indeed!

Though the deadly 1906 earthquake and fires destroyed many of these fine mansions, or did a lot of damage to such places as the about-to-open Fairmont Hotel (seen above in the pictures), a lot of people had the money to rebuild. This Nob Hill Edwardian town home was built on the burned-out ruins of an unknown grand structure which existed here before the earthquake.

It became the elegant, private, Edwardian mansion-like townhouse of someone of wealthy means. Throughout the years, this property passed through many owners before it was bought and given a much needed renovation and was lovingly, carefully restored to its original, glorious state.




Renovations often attract the activity of entities nearby. It seems that the renovation of the Nob Hill Inn was well received by the spirit world, resulting in it becoming home to more entities than they have rooms, at last count 22!

It has been reported that these entities are a jovial lot, and make good use of their developed sense of humor, which hasn’t diminished a bit in the afterlife. They entertain themselves by playing practical jokes on the living!

They always remember their San Franciscan manners though and are socially conscious unseen residents who really do like the living, never trying to scare or hurt anyone, or interfere with the enjoyment experienced by the Inn’s guests.

Specific acts of hilarity haven’t been published, but Tom and I plan to visit the place in the future and find out more about the antics of these playful entities. I can guess from my other ghost stories that I have researched and written, that they love to move around personal items of guests, perhaps play with the locks, and electrical gadgets, to name some possibilities. Perhaps they hide the bath soap or tub stopper, but put it back when the guest isn’t looking.




Renovations often attract the activity of entities hanging around the place or neighborhood. It seems that the renovation job done on the Nob Hill Inn was well received by the spirit world, resulting in the Nob Hill Inn becoming home to more entities than they have rooms; at last count 22!


Yes indeed!

The spiritual fun and games of these playful entities continue to happen.



1000 Pine Street (corner of Pine & Taylor)
San Francisco, California 94109
(415) 673-6080


Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr


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  • Exterior Photographs © Tom Carr
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