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Park Rangers experience a motherly spirit.

Playful, curious children are also housemates!




The Mendocini House is a small wooden cabin that was built by an Italian fellow whose last name was Mendocini. Mendocini drove freight trucks from Aurora. It was a simple house, but a lot of love, food and family made it a wonderful family home. it is big enough and in great enough shape to be a place used by rangers to live in.




Being a union town, there was money to be made, working in Bodie. While the miners preferred to live in rugged cabins near the Standard Mine where they worked on Bunker Hill, other people preferred to live closer to town so their children could attend school and live in an actual neighborhood. The Mendocini children played with the children who lived in the nearby houses in their little suburb.

Several generations of Mendocini family members lived in this house, that they loved and took care of. Daughter Anna grew up and lived there perhaps with her own family. They may have been one of the families that were some of the last to leave, for their home was in good enough condition to become home to a series of park rangers.



Families who loved each other, often fill their home with love and joy of family, celebrating life with food and making good memories with each other, sometimes continue to do as they remember the good times; even when they are in spirit-form.

People who enjoyed taking care of their families and guests while alive, sometimes continue to do so while in spirit form, with people who stay in their old, earthly home.

Children in spirit-form continue to play in their favorite spots while they were alive.



Entities of the Mendocini children

They have been known to follow visitors or rangers all around the house. These spirit children are curious about these visitors or their new house-mates.

These children still play outside as their laughing and sounds of their playing can be heard outside of the house.

Entity of either Mrs. Mendocini or daughter Anna and family/friends

These spirit people have shown hospitality to the rangers, trying to meet their needs by making them feel welcome, and trying to give their ranger guests what they wanted; though it is hard to do when you don’t have a body anymore.

Upon opening up the houses, after a long winter when no one had been living there, a ranger was greeted by the wonderful aroma of Italian food cooking.

Another ranger, who had just moved into the house, made himself some lasagna, but regretted the fact that he didn’t have any garlic to add, because he loved seasoning. As he sat there, eating his lasagna, his eyes started to water, and his sinuses felt a burning sensation. He had to go outside quickly to get some air. When he came back, the house smelled of garlic. Mrs. Mendocini or Anna likes to look after the needs of her guests.

On his second night in the house, this ranger was sitting alone by himself, reading. Suddenly, he heard the sounds of a party going on; various disembodied voices talking. As no radio was on in the house, he went outside and heard nothing coming from his neighboring fellow rangers. When he came back inside, the level of disembodied voices had risen; the party being in full swing. He courteously thanked his hostess for trying to brighten up his existence by inviting him to her party, but that he had a lot of reading to do. She must of respected his wishes because the disembodied voices disappeared.


Most Probably so. The Mendocini family has chosen to stay in their beloved family home, remembering all the love and good times they experienced here, and in turn show caring hospitality to the rangers who stay here.

Many rangers who have lived in this house have reported the hospitality given them by the Mendocini spirit-people.

No hard evidence has been posted on-line of any investigation done here. Perhaps, they are not allowed in as to not disturb the environment of the cabin or bother the known spirits.


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The Mendocini House is located near the intersection of Prospect Street and Union Street, across from the J.C. Wallace House. Park Street runs behind it. It was built in the quiet suburbs of Bodie.



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