Jean Harlow’s Westwood Home

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Jean Harlow’s spirit is still the hostess / protector in her house.



This two story, white stucco, single family home was built back from the street on its lot back in 1929. A beautiful staircase connects the rear of the first floor with the second floor. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms and one bathroom. A second stairway in the middle of the house also connects the two floors. Downstairs, the living room is oblong in shape and leads into the dining room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

When the H family moved into the home in the early 1970s, it was in sad shape, badly in need of TLC. They decided to leave the basic structure as it was, but they did make some much needed repairs and spruced the inside up, replacing carpet, etc.



Jean Harlow, when told by the studio to move to a nicer area, rented this home in the early 1930s, moving in with her parents and she lived there for about four years. When she married Paul Bern, she continued to rent the house for her parents. She married him in this home’s living room.

Their marriage was a disastrous move. On the second night after their honeymoon, Bern beat her savagely in the home’s downstairs bathroom, damaging her kidneys. It is rumored that he was impotent or a latent homosexual. She later showed her mother what he did to her. Despite this, Harlow tried to make up with Paul, but he rejected her. She was in the upstairs bedroom when she heard the news that Bern had shot and killed himself at his home. She immediately blamed herself and tried to take her own life by swallowing an overdose of sleeping medication.

After being told to leave this home by her parents, she built herself a new one, where she lived for a few years before dying from her damaged kidneys.



The Spirit of Jean Harlow

Direct Communication

On the day before the H family moved in, Mrs. H went upstairs, her dogs followed her, growling and barking at something in the upstairs bedrooms. In the hallway right outside the master bedroom, Mrs. H. felt an unseen presence and heard somebody softly whisper in her ear, “Please help me.”

On their first night in their new home, Mr. and Mrs. H were lying in bed, an unseen, heavy object struck their bed three times. A mysterious presence wanted to be noticed, or communicate with these nice people who had fixed up the house, even though they were also sleeping in her room. Mrs. H addressed the presence, saying “You’re welcome – how do you do? We’ve got to get some sleep… we’re very tired and need to get some sleep, so please let us be.”

Visual Activity

The lights in the kitchen would go on and off by themselves.

While walking through the living room, Mrs. H saw a strange formless light, floating above her near the ceiling.

Auditory Activity

In the corner of the living room, near the mail box, Mrs. H and her Aunt had heard the heavy, heartbreaking sobs of a woman. The hairs on Mrs. H’s arms stood up, and she felt terribly sad.

Sometimes a weird, uneasy feeling can overcome a person in the downstairs bathroom. A light knocking at the front door can be heard, but no one is ever there.

Tactile & Olfactory Activity

Cold spots can be felt in the kitchen, the downstairs area and the upstairs bedrooms. Unexplained wind drafts have been felt throughout the house, especially in the kitchen and upstairs bedrooms.

The strong smell of a woman’s perfume can be detected in the children’s bedroom upstairs.

Warning through Dreams

Both Mr. and Mrs. H were warned in a dream of a dangerous wall light in the upstairs bathroom. Both saw a clear vision of the bathtub full of water and bubbles. A hand from the bathtub switches on the light, receives a terrible shock, and withers.

They called an electrician, who was horrified that such an out-dated, dangerous light switch had been installed in the bathroom, and promptly replaced it with a safe one.


It is assumed so.




1353 Club View Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Jean Harlow’s former home is located in a quiet, upper-class neighborhood near UCLA in Westwood.


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