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The spirit of an elderly woman still enjoys herself, while waiting.



Located on a street, very close to the stamp mill, the Gregory House is a modest, small wooden house with a shed, probably the outhouse. It is the size of a modern living room in an apartment. There’s probably enough room for a bed, a rocker and a table and chairs. No front porch exists now. Considering that Nathan Gregory and his son Spence had good, well-paying jobs, the house may have been a bigger home at some point, as it sits on a nice lot. though people can’t go inside, the structure does have windows.



The Gregory House was the in-town residence of cattle rancher Nathan Gregory, whose ranch was located between Bodie and Aurora, before 1900. His son Spence lived here for years, probably with a spouse or a female family member, even after he retired from his job as a mining engineer. Spence was one of Bodie’s last residents. He may have been one of the men who died in an odd way.



As for the elderly woman spirit, why she still want to be in this world?

People who love their home while alive, sometimes choose to stay and spend their afterlife there, doing what they loved to do, and remembering the good times.

Sometimes people die before they can finish a vital project or achieve some purpose. So, they stay in this world, trying to finish this vital project or purpose. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to finish a special project because of a major interruption like death.

Sometimes people continue to wait for loved ones to come home to them in this world. Perhaps she is waiting for Spence or other family members to come home from the mine.



Entity of an older woman

An apparition of an old woman has been seen in detail, rocking contently in a rocking chair inside the Gregory House, knitting; working on an afghan.

Sometimes the rocking chair rocks back and forth all by itself, without even the spirit of the old woman.


Probably so.

She is probably still working on her yarn project as it is hard to finish when you don’t have a body or actual yarn. But that doesn’t matter, because she is very happily taking pleasure in simple things, like rocking in her favorite chair, and is enjoying the process of creating a personal yarn project. She enjoys her memories, waiting, probably for Spense or someone else to come back home. Perhaps Spense is there as well. He may be one of the spirits who keep an eye on the living who may want to steal a souvenir!

There has been no hard evidence captured of this female entity. Her friendly presence has been seen clearly by staff, rangers and probably repairmen, who can tell her mood, features and characteristics.


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The Gregory House is located near the intersection of Green Street that runs northwest, and Wood Street that runs northeast in Bodie State Historic Park. It is across the street and up two lots from the school house. The Gregory House is right next to two garages on its north side, and next to the McMillan House that sits across from it on the other side of Wood Street Gregory House is numbered 52 on the Bodie State Historic Park map.



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