The Case-Mulvihill House

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A benign spirit of the original owner still resides and carries on.



The Case-Mulvihill house is described as a “graceful, Victorian residence” two stories tall, built in 1904.

Looking at the picture I found online, it has a lovely garden outside. The inside must be ornate, with all the Victorian bells and whistles you might expect, though I couldn’t find any pictures of the home’s interior.



The house was built W.H. Case, who was co partner in the Case and Draper Company, a popular photographic store, that probably took pictures of families, special events and anything else that people might want photographed.

After ten years, it became the home of the William John “Mul” Mulvihill family after William was promoted to the Chief Dispatcher position with the White Pass & Yukon Railroad. William, his wife Nellie Susan Smiley Mulvihill (1874 – 1949), and their daughter, Gertrude, happily resided there from 1914 to 1949. Because William J. was a dedicated Chief Dispatcher he kept a telegraph key in his house so he could work at home if need be. He retired in 1942.

He died in 1949 and was buried in what is now called the Gold Rush Cemetery, his wife died the same year.

Various families owned the home until it was bought by the city, and restored in 1980. It was then used as the temporary meeting place/headquarters of the Skagway Chamber of Commerce, until a new building was constructed.

The Mulvihill Home Once again is a private residence for family life.



People who love their homes while alive sometimes choose to visit or spend their afterlife in this world in their favorite structure.

People who enjoyed their work in this world sometimes like to continue however they can in spirit form in their old favorite place of work.



The entity of William “Mul” Mulvihill

William is thought to be the spirit who still enjoys his home.

Doors throughout the house open and close by themselves.

Some unseen spirit likes to walk up and down the stairs, with heavy footsteps.

The sound of a telegraph key can be heard clicking away.

Personal Experiences

While there have been a boatload of personal experiences, hard evidence hasn’t been made public.

If there have been private investigations, the results haven’t been posted to the internet.

However, The Case-Mulvihill house is on the annual Halloween ghost tour that happens around the fall months and tourist season.


Perhaps. While there have been quite a lot of personal experiences reported from past owners, and perhaps from members of the chamber of Commerce, nothing recent has been made public. These manifestations may still be going on, unless the owners have helped the spirit to the other side with the help of a medium.



Alaskan St. & 7th Street
Skagway, Alaska 99840

THE CASE-MULVIHILL HOUSE is located in the historical residential section of Skagway.



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