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Some cities have seen so much mayhem, trauma, or other spirit-causing activity in their history, that many spirits room and inhabit many of the buildings.


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Learn who is still doing time and why.

From the small house jail to the big house, spectral jailers and inmates; some not of nice still interact with the living brave enough to visit.


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Hear from experienced paranormal investigators and psychic mediums about their paranormal experiences.


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Spirits with both agendas of revenge and memories to dwell on still roam and congregate around and in their favorite places.


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Experience restless spirits from spectral actors or their former ghostly theatre staff with a mission.


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Come meet spectral roommates with a variety of reasons to stay; some friendly, some territorial, and some see the living as the perfect source of their entertainment.

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Learn more about the history and stories behind the startling paranormal activity experienced at real haunted houses and places from Coast to Coast.

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On your next road trip to the Wild Wild West, make sure to go off the beaten path to find a real Ghost Town. Who knows, maybe you’ll even run across the ghost of Jesse James. Keep on the look out, these Ghost Town’s won’t look like Denver!

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Watch videos of real haunted houses and places, ghost hunters, paranormal stories, and psychic investigations. Hearing about real life experiences and the hard evidence that was captured makes it all very real; the world of spirits!

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Be prepared this Fall and seek out what Halloween Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes and Attractions are in your area! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or a seasoned haunt goer, you should research the best haunts to go to September through November. For more information on featured haunted houses or news in the industry, check out the links below!

Top Haunted Houses for Halloween

If you’re looking for the best place to get scared this fall season, view our annual list of the top haunted attractions in America.



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If you’re looking for a haunted attraction to attend this fall, start by checking out our Featured Haunted Houses. We’ll post a new haunted house, corn maze or attraction to check out on a weekly basis. Add us to your Bookmarks Toolbar to see what haunted attraction we’ll feature next!



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Read up on official haunted house critic reviews and happenings from local haunts to national attractions. See what attraction is the next best haunt and plan your next weekend getaway!



Halloween: The Holiday of Love

What isn’t there to love about Halloween: candy, movies, decorations, ghost stories, costumes and that’s just barely scratching the surface! Read our Halloween blog to see the newest trends, best food, our favorite costumes and more for this upcoming season!


Paranormal Videos

Paranormal Inc.: Magnolia Manor

Rich Newman talks about his experiences while investigating Magnolia Manor in Boliver, TN. He also lets us listen to a recording of an EVP he captured while there.

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