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Minneapolis Institute of Art

Entities who have attached themselves to cherished favorite rooms or things traveled to the institute… Other entities are satisfied just to visit their items.

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Gibbs Farmhouse

A Gibbs family child who died from smoke still resides there: His actions give clues to his identity.

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Griggs Mansion

Griggs Mansion has the dubious reputation of being the most haunted house in Saint Paul… A boatload of entities have made contact by various means.

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Wabasha Street Caves

The gangsters who mingled here in these public speakeasy clubs were basically well-behaved. Mob “business” was carried out, resulting in mostly pleasant paranormal activity from the murdered mobsters. The Castle Royal was a romantic place to have a great time of fun and relaxation. Spirits still do.

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Thayers B&B

This building has a boatload of friendly spirits including the original owners to keep the living company.

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LeDuc Mansion

The LeDuc family dabbled in spiritualism, opening a door into the spiritual world…

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