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GHOST (1990)


The cast includes: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore,
Whoopi Goldberg
, and Tony Goldwyn.

Directed by: Jerry Zucker

Written by: Bruce Joel Rubin

Music by: Maurice Jarre




A murdered man's spirit hangs around the living to solve his own murder, protect the love of his life, and get personal justice against the evildoers.

GHOST is a love story, a supernatural tale and a murder mystery thriller, with comedic moments mixed in, all which are uniquely blended together to make a superbly entertaining movie.

The script was well thought out, well-paced, and well written. The story opens with the young couple, (Demi & Patrick), and their good friend (Tony) , working on renovating an old floor of a building into their dream apartment, that has plenty of room for pottery/clay sculptor, Demi, to create her art. It is established that Patrick & Tony are good friends who work together at the same financial business company in New York City. Tragedy befalls the happy couple when Patrick is murdered during a night robbery by a thug, Willie, who was supposedly after money.

Patrick's spirit hangs around their dream apartment at first, wishing to comfort his grieving love, but can't do so. When his murderer comes back into the apartment, but leaves when scratched by the cat, Patrick follows Willie back to Willie's place on the rundown side of town. Patrick decides to seek the help of spiritualist, Oda May Brown, (Whoopi), who was a charlatan, until she gets involved with Patrick, which unblocks her sixth sense, so she can truly help both the living and the dead, instead of pretending to have "the gift."

When he finds out who is really behind his murder, and why he was killed, Patrick not only resolves to protect Demi, but also get some justice for this personal disaster, with the help of the reforming Oda May Brown.

The direction and pacing of the movie was well done. Whoopi Goldberg really provides a stellar performance that integrates her enormous comedic talent with her acting ability, which earned her a supporting actress academy award; 1990.

Tony Goldwyn was excellent as the villain, showing many sides of the feelings of his character's emotions and weaknesses.

Patrick and Demi worked very well together, convincing and touching the audience with their individual and team performances. This film showcases one of their best performances.

Favorite scenes include: Patrick meets Oda May, Oda May's trip to the bank with Patrick, Willie and Patrick's apartment chase scene, the night scene in the dream apartment, with Demi, Patrick, and Oda May, and the final chase & fight scene with the fantastic ending.

Characteristics of the Supernatural seen in GHOST

1) Patrick didn't go the first time when the light came for him. Many ghosts/ spirits choose not to cross over because of suddenness of their deaths, or don't want to leave loved ones, or feel they have unfinished business.

2) Patrick wasn't a ghost, but a spirit, because he had his full thinking mind, and could go anywhere he wanted; wasn't stuck haunting a dwelling or a person. (Hans Holzer's definition of a ghost & spirit)

3) Patrick in the movie freaks out the cat, which attacks Willie to make him leave the apartment. Many Ghosts/spirits can effect animals. (Queen Mary)

4) Patrick in the movie learns from another ghost how to move physical objects, using his mind and emotions. Ghosts/spirits have moved objects

We don't know how they can, but the script offers an interesting theory as how they can do so.

5) Ghosts/Spirits have gone into mediums' bodies to directly communicate with the living.

6) Most mediums can hear, feel presences and sometimes see entities.

7) People often feel cold spots, which indicate the presence of spirits (Whaley House) It was odd that the spirit of Patrick didn't leave any cold spots.