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U.S. Capitol Building

Sudden unexpected death is the main culprit for paranormal activity. Injustice done, mistakes made and murder committed also have caused hauntings.

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Newhouse Hotel

Former friendly residents heartily approve of the renovations. An undesirable spirit felt unwelcome.

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Hearthstone Inn

A rambunctious child spirit is a handful for the living. Other entities get their chuckles in mild and surprising ways.

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Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

This Bed and Breakfast is the most haunted place in Denver! Spectral residents include spirits from every era… The most troubled spirits are two young murder victims.

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Cripple Creek Jail

This building is still a spectral jail; for jailers, inmates and their visitors. These spirits all have issues that keep them stuck here…

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Palace Hotel

A female spirit has volunteered her services; claiming payment in a self-pleasing way.

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