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Mob Museum

Spirits that stay here are all the unhappy, convicted mobsters and their underlings who heard their fate in this court house.

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Enders Hotel

Guests have their own stories to tell about the paranormal activity caused by a variety of characters!

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Paso Robles Inn

A dedicated soul is still trying to warn the living of danger; A little girl spirit enjoys startling the living!

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Fox Theater

In 1930, a construction crew member fell to his death while working on the Fox Theater’s clock tower. His apparition has been seen floating around the clock tower, trying to fix the hands on the clock.

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Monte Vista Hotel

10-13 known spirits have chosen the Monte Vista Hotel to be their place to enjoy or to work out their issues.

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Holly Hill House

It is visited by former, polite Hill Family spirits, who heartily approve of the restoration efforts!

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