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California - Alcatraz Prison Museum

Alcatraz Prison Museum National Park is located out in the middle of San Francisco Bay, on Alcatraz Island, which is next to Angel Island. The water is very cold and the currents are very strong, making it a great place for a prison. Tours for Alcatraz Island are available.


Colorado - Cripple Creek Jail

Cripple Creek can be found close to Pike's Peak, in the mountain elevation around 9,000 ft. The Teller County Jail Outlaws and Lawmen Museum is located on Bennett Avenue on the corner of First Street, the furthest building from town center, and just across the street from residential housing. It is a block and a half away from The County Courthouse.


Delaware - Fort Delaware

A lot of prisoners have been held here, including pirates and confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Most of the ghosts seen here come from that time period. Human pain and misery, violence, survivor guilt and death in such a place often produces restless spirits that can't let go of this world and enter the next.


Florida - Saint Augustine Jail

The St. John County Jail in Saint Augustine that was standing in 1890 was a real eye-sore, truly a fixer-upper opportunity. Unfortunately, it was located in full view of successful businessman Henry Flager's beautiful, upper-class vacation Mecca , Ponce De Leon Hotel. His rich clientele had to see this seedy claptrap of a building from their favorite, relaxing, luxurious holiday spot.


Georgia - Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski is an impressive structure which is in the category of "mother of all brick fortresses," complete with a moat and drawbridges. Alligators and perhaps other beasties seem to enjoy the moat, so don't go swimming! We saw the graves of some of the confederate soldiers, who died here because of the poor living conditions and the punitive starvation diet they suffered in the prison.


Idaho - Idaho State Penitentiary

When the Idaho Territory was less than 10 years old, the need for a prison became evident. So in 1870, using prisoner labor, the first structures were built using hand-cut sandstone. Other sandstone buildings are found in the center yard and include cell houses 1, 2, & 3...


Indiana - Crown Point Sheriff's House and Jail

The Crown Point Sheriff's House and Jail can be found just off the main town square within walking distance of the Courthouse. The town of Crown Point was established in the Northwest corner of Indiana, about 35 miles southeast of Chicago and only 15 miles from the Lake Michigan shoreline.


Indiana - Whitley Jail

Designed by J.C. Johnson, known for his Indiana jail designs, this once lovely, 3 story brick building has been described as displaying "the highly ornamented Second Empire style of architecture, featuring a mansard roof, elaborate dormers, and carved sandstone details." In its prime, this building was gorgeous. It is no wonder this old jail is part of the National Register -listed Columbia City Historic District.


Iowa - Squirrel Cage Jail

This 1885 Victorian sturdy brick building is a three story, revolving "human rotary or lazy Susan" jail, one of three revolving jails left in the United States. Known as squirrel cages, the 30 cells were like pieces of pie in a circular jail structure. A hand crank on each floor would turn the ten cells until the one in question would line up with the door on its respective floor.


Michigan - Allegan Jail

Allegan County Sheriff's House and Old Jail is described as being a quaint, hometown institution, built in 1906, with the dual purpose of housing the the Sheriff and his family and the Allegan County jail inmates, which it did until 1963. This was the third Allegan County Jail built, and it replaced the jail which had been used since 1862.


New Jersey - Burlington Prison Museum

Designed by Robert Mills, one of America's first native-born, trained the Burlington Prison was one of his first efforts as an independent architect. This crowning achievement opened for business as the Burlington County Prison in 1811. Mills, one of America's first native-born, trained architects, came up with a well-thought out plan...


Ohio - Ohio State Penitentiary

The 1896 Ohio State Reformatory is described as the largest, castle-like structure in Ohio and in the top 5 largest in America. It was the brainchild of Levi T. Scofield, who designed the prison with beauty and a church-like aura with the hopes of encouraging and inspiring the incarcerated to experience a spiritual renewal


West Virginia Penitentiary

The West Virginia Penitentiary has been described as being an "imposing stone structure fashioned in the castellated Gothic architectural style (adorned with turrets and battlements, like a castle)." Though modeled after Joliet Prison, West Virginia's Penitentiary would be "approximately one-half the size of Joliet."


Wyoming - Wyoming Frontier Prison

This castle-like granite stone fortress was designed by the same architects who were responsible for Alcatraz. Land was bought from the railroad in 1888, and construction was started, funded by the state of Wyoming. It became home to the roughest lot of inmates, and others convicted of lesser crimes, who were transferred from the prison in Laramie.


Wyoming - Wyoming Territorial Prison

This prison was built in 1872, after being authorized by the Territorial Legislature and approved for funding by the Federal Government. It was a smaller prison, beginning with just 42 cells in the north wing, 14 cells on each of its three levels. The brick-walled cells were 6' x 6' x 8' with an arched ceiling and an iron gate door.


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