Hauntville Haunted Houses

1579 West river road north

Just off the main path of the world stands, Hauntville Haunted House. A small town lost somewhere in middle america,with many hidden secrets to discover.

As you enter Hauntville Town Square, some of the mysteries start to come to light, but other hidden secrets you will have to investigate further through the winding halls to discover what larks inside Hauntville Haunted House, Ohio’s Scariest Haunted Houses.

Hauntville Haunted House is designed with one intention: “Taking you to the edge of sanity…then push you off!”
Providing the visitor with a mental transportation to another place in time, “Leaving you with the feeling that you are really there”, lost somewhere in Hauntville!

This is not simple a walk-through of a haunted attraction. With specifically designed ambient environments of four independently themed haunted houses, intertwined story lines, actor’s speaking roles and interactivity, creates a whole new haunted house experience and theatrical production. A production that must be experienced to be believed!


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