Haunted Hornet

707 West Hornet Ave

NOW HEAR THIS, NOW HEAR THIS! Alameda is seeing strange new creatures on the pier near the USS Hornet. With the heavy fog rolling back into the bay area, a new event has taken up residence on board one of the Navy’s most haunted aircraft carriers.
After being decommissioned in 1970, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier was used to house a secret research facility specializing in deep sea research and Bermuda Triangle phenomena. Undergoing secret and extreme retrofitting, the ship and its crew set out to document what they find. While out at sea, the crew were involved in the discovery of an unexplained occurrence which began to affect the entire team and the ship. Immediately after, the program was cancelled, items locked into storage and the ship was returned to Puget Sound for final mothballing. Now 45 years later, we are finally able to access these secret parts of the ship…

The Haunted Hornet will bring you ON BOARD the historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet, and send you though several areas of the ship dressed out in ways like you have never seen them before! Each space is packed with special effects and talented actors that will both amaze and terrify patrons over and over again. There will be zombies, monsters, creatures and more thrills than ever!


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