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LAS VEGAS – August XX, 2015 – Hailed as one of the nation’s scariest haunted attractions for 2014 by Travel Channel and having been featured worldwide for more than a decade in the top five; Fright Dome at Circus Circus is celebrating its 13th Anniversary milestone with its most extreme Halloween season yet. Beginning Friday, Oct. 2 Fright Dome will take over all 5-acres inside of The Adventuredome theme park at Circus Circus with a promise from owner Jason Egan that fans will experience the most interactive, terrifying and twisted experience in the event’s 13 year history.

“I have launched Halloween events all over the world and still the most important thing to me is that our fans experience sheer terror from start to finish,” said Jason Egan, owner and creator of Fright Dome. “When I came to Las Vegas the only thing here was tiny trailer-based haunted houses so I saw an opportunity to create something huge. After 13 successful years, I am so thrilled to be launching all of my team’s new insanely creative and disturbing ideas to celebrate this season. When it came to planning our 13th anniversary I didn’t want it to feel like walking through a museum, I wanted to create something extremely twisted and interactive that makes everyone feel as though they are a part of the madness.”

This historic season for the indoor haunted attraction marks the creation of Egan’s most intense, disturbing and visceral labyrinth yet. The new creation, “Insanitarium,” is so extreme that guests will be required to check in at a nurse’s station and sign voluntary commitment papers before entering. “Insanitarium” is an all-encompassing interactive experience which locks guests into the warped lair of a deranged surgeon turned meticulous killer with the only option out being to rely on their own instincts and battle through the twists and turns inside. From the freezing temperatures of body lockers to the hellfire heat of a crematorium which guests are trapped in, “Insanitarium” is a testing journey of extreme sight, sounds and smells. Those who dare enter will find themselves closely acquainted with the rotting corpses of those who came before yet failed to survive.

One of the most unique obstacles in guest’s fight against time inside of the new “Insanitarium” is the authentic morgue challenging participants to pass through its halls unscathed once they are locked in. Egan’s crew, who excel in finding creepy yet historic oddities, disassembled and transported morgue doors, wheel chairs, lighting fixtures, sinks and more from one of the most historically paranormal haunted locations in the nation; Norwich State Hospital in Connecticut. Prior to closing in 1996, Norwich was an insane asylum and hospital for the incurable spanning close to a 100 year history of freakish encounters, which Egan hopes to transport into his event.

To further celebrate its 13th Anniversary, Fright Dome has teamed up with SimEx-Iwerks to be the very first haunted attraction in the world to feature iconic horror franchise “Friday the 13th” in 4-D. Horror fans will experience another dimension of terror in “Friday the 13th” as Jason, the world’s most recognizable horror icon, slashes his way through thirteen of the series’ best kills. Jason attacks anyone who enters the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake with every twist and turn, heightened by hair-raising 3-D and startling special effects; this creepy 4-D experience delivers heart-stopping action. Guests will experience a sensory overload of fear as they come face-to-face with the machete-wielding killer.

The state-of-the-art, 4-D Special FX Theatre was developed by SimEx-Iwerks exclusively for The Adventuredome. Repulsive scents and seat vibrations, as well as water sprays, air blasts and other alarming horrors are designed to let guests feel like part of the grim action in the 46-seat simulation theatre.

In addition to the six haunted houses, chilling scare zones and 4-D “Friday the 13th” experience, this season marks the first time ever that Egan’s team will expand the fright into The Adventuredome midway. The newly expanded area, appropriately named “FreakShow” will offer additional scare areas, stages hosting sideshow acts, unique performers and more demented entertainment than ever before alongside carnival games touting a range of unsettling prizes.

Once again teaming up with famed Hollywood FX guru Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Egan’s team will create the most intense props, masks and sets that fans have ever experienced at Fright Dome. Tunnicliffe is highly esteemed in the horror industry for his ability to shock and torment with lifelike recreations. Over the years he has been responsible for the makeup, props and special effects for more than sixty feature films on the big screen including franchises such as HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN, CANDYMAN, EXORCIST, BLADE, SCREAM and many more.

Fright Dome is open from 7 p.m. to midnight Oct. 2-31 on select nights. General admission tickets start at $35.95 with fast pass tickets available for an additional $20 allowing express line entry for all six haunted houses. Updates on Fright Dome are available online at, on Facebook, Instagram @frightdome, Twitter @FrightDome

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