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Fear Farm

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2209 N. 99th Ave.

Voted “Best Haunted House” in Phoenix, Arizona in 2015, Fear Farm’s adds a brand new Haunted Hayride this year!

PHOENIX HAUNTED HAYRIDE: Nestled among 10-acres of corn, this attraction provides guests with the sounds and smells of autumn air from (what should be) the safety of specially-designed trailers.

LEGENDS OF GOATMAN: Extremely territorial and ferocious, the Goatman does not welcome intruders into his domain… and you’ve found yourself right in the middle of it!

UNDEAD: Aliens slowly came out of the wreckage of their spacecraft, only to be slaughtered by the soldiers who came to investigate. What the soldiers didn’t know was that the blood from the aliens would seep through the ground and disturb the peaceful corpses.

THE BUNKER INVASION: Kept secret by top government officials was the truth: an alien aircraft had landed in Phoenix and it most definitely did not “come in peace.” Twenty years later, the testing continues and no one dares attempts to rescue the alien victims.

MOUTH OF MADNESS: Tremmors and Flinch, two clowns that once appeared on local Saturday morning TV, but now run amuck, now drag people into a psychotic state of torment and cruelty.

SLAUGHTER HOUSE: Sitting atop a mass grave of badly decomposing “leftovers,” an unanticipated side effect of living with a madman, the Slaughterhouse has become a feeding ground each night as the Phoenix’s Undead.


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