Asylum / Hotel Fear

Asylum / Hotel Fear
4400 Meadows Lane
Las Vegas

Las Vegas Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS:
Ranked #1 (by actual exit polls) A HAUNTWORLD TOP 13 HAUNT!!!
They feature an interconnected storyline about Mortimer of the Feoray Family and Dr. Vander from the Asylum. Mortimer was admitted to the Asylum where Dr. Vander vowed not to treat.. but CURE Mortimer. Claiming a cure, Mortimer returned to the Hotel. He went bezerk and killed everyone in the hotel, forever creating its new name…Hotel Fear!
Now these two families: Met by chance, together by fate, bound by horror, are two distinct attractions with a common denominator…FEAR!!
Totally themed attractions, they were even the sets for the horror movie “RUST”.
Do you know what scares you?….. We do!
Check-in to the ASYLUM & HOTEL FEAR and see!!!!
Go to the web site and listen to the story.


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