Asylum Haunted House

Asylum Haunted House
221 N. Main Street
Cave Springs

We are located at 221 N. Main Cave Springs, AR
(5 Minutes from Lowell, 15 minutes from Rogers & Fayetteville & 20 minutes from Siloam Springs)

I do not know how to make this WARNING any stronger. We STRONGLY recommend that you NOT bring small children to the haunted house.
As a parent I would not let my child go through this haunted house until they are at least 11-12. But for the love of GOD do not bring small children here.

Secondly, we DO NOT give refunds!! If you are unable to complete the
haunted house, we do not refund you your money. This includes going thru the front door. We are trying to scare you!!
You come to us because we are the best haunted house in the area. We will come in and guide you out if you are unable to go forward. But at that point
you got what you paid for.


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